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World of Warcraft

The best WoW clones! Well stolen is half won

It's a bone-chillingly cold winter day as two adventurers wander through the forest of Elwynn: a gnome warlock and a night elf rogue. It's still a while until the next expansion, despite Blizzard's imminent reveal, but the mood is still cautiously optimistic. However, instead of burning out in Azeroth and losing the fun, they both forge a pact: other MMORPGs will be played until the beloved World of Warcraft is back on the right track. The first to try is a universally popular Free2Play game with world bosses and a PvP twist: 4Story's free-to-play shores lure newcomers and fans of classic MMORPGs alike. (Of course, you can skip this fun introduction via the table of contents - just click on "The first twin. "

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4Story is very reminiscent of WoW and is also almost as old, which can be easily seen in the graphics. Source: Zemi Interactive

It's a bone-chillingly cold winter's day as two adventurers wander the wilds of Valorian: A fairy summoner and a feline shadowrunner. Both possess few polygons, but a lot of heart. "Tell me," murmurs the summoner, "does any of this look familiar to you?" "I don't know what you mean," replies the Feline as she cuts down a Tom Selleck mustachioed goblin with a spirited dagger thrust, "it all looks like a normal online role-playing game to me." The fairy summoner looks around and frowns. Deciduous forest. Fields where pigs roam. Brick houses. He turns to his companion, who is already vigorously stabbing half a dozen goblins. "Have ... uh ... Did we even change the game? I mean, you look like a starving Worge now, but the rest of you kind of look the same, don't you?" The shadowrunner looks around and frowns. "True. Looks like gold grove. Got a huge desire to kill Hogger. So next game." Both whip out their smartphones and book a vacation to World of Kings.

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Many more clones!
We're only scratching the surface of WoW clones here, of course. Games like Allods Online, Alganon, and even the unholy WoW-Diablo hybrid Diablo Island on Steam are still out there - but that's beyond the scope of this article.

It's a bone-chillingly cold winter day as two adventurers wander through the twilight forest: A dwarven necromancer and a high elf shadow dancer. Immediately, the necromancer slams on the brakes, slamming his heels into the dust and widening his eyes in disbelief. "Okay, what's going on here to the abyss again?" The shadow dancer nods slowly. "I know what you mean. It looks like we never left Azeroth. Even the throne room in Scarab City looks exactly like Anduin's pad, except for the layout." She grins broadly. "The game's abilities are the same AND the symbols are the same!" A player on a gryphon flies past the two. He's completing a Daily Quest that requires him to destroy large hordes of enemies with bombs. The dwarf snorts "Now it's getting silly. Next game." The smartphone buzzes as it loads Era of Legends. Also read these interesting stories 6

WoW: Zoom out further than normal? New console command makes it possible!

A newly discovered console command allows you to zoom out further with the camera in WoW - by increasing the Field of View! 0

WoW: Final raid of the season of the championship lands soon on the PTR

We'll soon find out what changes Blizzard is planning for the final raid of WoW: Season of Mastery.

It's a bone-chillingly cold winter's day as two adventurers wander through the Beck Grove: A loli witch and an elven assassin. "NO, STOP!" The witch looks down at herself in abject horror. "Why am I a woman? And why does my race say LOLI?" "Classes are tied to one gender and one race," grumbles the Assassin as he scowls and adjusts his pants. "I really can't understand how you can walk while your -" The loli waves off frantically, pointing to the entrance of Dragon City. "That looks like Stormwind!" The assassin shrugs. "That dungeon over there is called 'Caves of Wailing' instead of 'Caves of Wailing'. Let's just go back to playing WoW, shall we?" The smartphone lands in the corner while the Blizzard launcher loads on the side.

The third twin

We all know and love them: the countless stolen covers, games, merchandise and ideas that are floating around the entire entertainment sector. WoW isn't spared either, as we'll show you in this article: We'll look together at clone gems like Glorious Saga, 4Story, World of Kings, and Crusaders of Light, take a little detour into the best merchandise pickles like T-shirts with weird messages, and then take a look at the famous World Joyland, the World of Warcraft amusement park in China that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Blizzard. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going wild on the next page!

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