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WoW: The best raids from 17 years of World of Warcraft

In more than 17 years of World of Warcraft, our heroes have been in over four dozen different raids, sending hundreds of bosses into the dust. We've defeated massive dragons, tangled with oversized fish, and delved into the minds of ancient gods.

With this sheer volume of bosses and raids, it's clear that the level can't be consistently high. Thus, we have visited various raids in the past whose names we quickly forgot. But there are also some that we still remember more than a decade later. So today we want to take a look at the best raids in WoW history and present you with our top 5, as determined by our editorial team.

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The best raids in WoW history

But what makes a good raid anyway? For us, there are several factors. On the one hand, of course, the story surrounding the raid. But also the quality of the fights and the staging play a big role. And of course, personal preferences can't be left completely out of the equation - which is why we're curious to see if you agree with our top 5.

After our video, in which we explain in detail why we were so enthusiastic about which raid, you'll find a short summary of our ranking.

World of Warcraft | The best raids of all time

5th place - Battle for Orgrimmar

In Siege of Orgrimmar we experience the storm against the Iron Horde and the fall of the controversial warchief Garrosh Hellscream. The storm through and under the Horde's capital awaits us with 14 different bosses - including a few bores, of course, but also opponents that still stand out today, such as the siege engineer Sootsmith or, of course, final boss Garrosh himself.

4th place - Naxxramas

The flying necropolis was not only the end point of the classic WoW (buy now ), but is also considered by many players as the most epic raid of that time - and not only because of the very high difficulty. In few raids is the number of memorable bosses as high as in Naxx. Thaddius exposed hardcore left-right weaknesses, Heigan taught us how to dance, Patchwork created an entire category of boss fights - the Patchwork Fights - and the Four Horsemen still cause nightmares for many a raid leader today.

3rd place - Ulduar

For many players, Ulduar is still considered the epitome of an epic raid in WoW. Unfortunately, our heroes only spent a short time in the great halls of the Titans before moving on to the disappointing Trial of the Crusader. Ulduar was especially convincing with a gigantic atmosphere and some iconic fights. We also got to spank some bosses for the first time in Ulduar in an optional hard mode. Who doesn't fondly remember the big red button of the robot engineer Mimiron.

2nd place - Throne of Thunder

The big raid on the Isle of Thunder combines everything we could want from a raid. A great atmosphere, partly ingenious and creatively designed boss fights, and of course a well-told story that stretched from the start of Mists of Pandaria to our inevitable victory over the Thunder King. The raid deserves a place on this list for the fight against Lei-Shen alone.

1st place - Icecrown Citadel

For us, the almost unanimously best raid in WoW history is - and how could it be otherwise - Icecrown Citadel! The iconic ending to the successful Wrath of the Lich King expansion is not only a stunning raid - but also marks the conclusion of a story that we have followed and, for the most part, loved since the days of Wacraft 3. We've been working towards this exact moment for several years, and none of us will likely ever forget the moment we finally defeated the legendary Lichking. For us, the Icecrown Raid remains the undisputed best raid in WoW history.

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Do you share our opinion on the raid ranking, or do you see other raids in the top 5 - and if so, why? After all, there have been so many raids in WoW for more than 17 years that some of them certainly deserve a place in our list. Tell us and everyone else in the comments!

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