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WoW: Bug or Myth? The "Not a Bug List" from BC Classic

Similar to the WoW Classic re-release, many bugs were reported during the BC Classic beta that are actually not bugs at all, but are supposed to be in the game exactly as they are. While #somechanges were applied here and there, BC Classic is otherwise intended to get by with as few after-the-fact tweaks as possible. Below you can see some of the most reported not-a-bug bugs of the beta testers.

Not a Bug List (BC Classic) as of May 18, 2021

Table of Contents

  1. 1General
  2. 2Combatand class mechanics
  3. 3Draenei
  4. 4Hunter
  5. 5Druid
  6. 6Paladin
  7. 7Rascal
  8. 8warrior
  9. 9Mage
  10. 10Shaman
  11. 11Priest
  12. 12Raids- Karazhan
  13. 13Dungeons- Blood Cauldron
  1. Unfold


  • The level range of mobs you get experience for is much more narrowed in TBC.
    Example: In WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic a level 60 player still gets some honor/XP for a level 48 target, in BC Classic this is no longer the case.
  • Life regeneration via willpower varies from class to class and is no longer normalized.
  • Switching between layers takes a little longer each time. This is intentional to prevent exploits.

Combat and Class Mechanics

  • Large and small characters have slightly different ranges with their melee attacks.
    Developer Note: Although many players have reported that Tauren have lost their melee range, this is not the case. When moving, Tauren occasionally even have the ability to punch through the farthest point of the columns in the Ring of Trials arena and hit the target behind it. This is consistent with the original TBC experience.
  • When Pets are sent into combat against a target that subsequently becomes invisible, the Pet will continue to track the invisible target without attacking it until the invisibility is broken. This is intentional and consistent with pet behavior in Burning Crusade.
  • If the player's pet is in combat but the player is not, the player can continue to perform actions that can be performed outside of combat (drinking, eating, etc.), but -if they are considered a valid target for the opponent- they will be moved into combat when effects such as Headbutt are cast on them.
  • Cleanses (dispels) of spells from enemy targets on an ally can be resisted. This includes effects such as Totem of Earth Strike and occurs more often when casting lower-ranked dispels.
  • The chance of creatures dodging you is slightly lower in Burning Crusade than in WoW Classic.
  • Heartbeat Resists (These are effects that break early because resists are checked periodically) occur throughout the expansion - just like they did back then.
  • Moving players in one raid group to other groups removes group-specific buffs like Battle Shout from players who have been moved.
  • Diminishing control effects have a 15 to 20 second lag before their effectiveness returns to 100 percent.


  • Heroic Presence and Inciting Presence are only visible as buffs to teammates and are not displayed in the Character Sheet.


  • Scorpid venom does not scale with attack power or pet satisfaction.
  • Wyvern's Sting shares the diminishing effect with effects from the same category as Ice Cold Trap.
  • It is possible to move quickly over a Hunter's Trap and not trigger it.


  • The "tick" timer for energy is reset when the druid changes to cat form.


  • Paladin sigils do not proc from Crusader's Strike damage or other sigils and procs like Righteous Debuff.
  • Not all paladin sigils can be "twisted "* together. (*Twisted together to benefit from multiple sigils at the same time).
  • Settlement is not triggered by DoT effects. 02:30World
    of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic: Pre-Patch Trailer World of Warcraft from€14.99


  • Cloak of Shadows, the chance to resist spells against players cannot exceed 80 percent. The full 90 percent to resist only exists in combat against non-player characters.


  • Bloodthirst does not scale with attack power gained from Improved Berserk Stance or Unleashed Fury.
  • When storm attacking or intercepting the focus target, automatic attacks will be cast on the focus target first, not the main target.
  • One-Handed Specialization talent does not scale with Thunderclap damage.


  • Arcane Concentration does not proc through Blizzard's damage.


  • Damage coefficients of totems and item procs do not scale with damage bonuses against specific creature types.
    Example: Totem of Combustion does not deal additional damage by putting on Hero's Mark.
  • Chain Lightning Bolt can trigger multiple procs from Lightning Overload.
  • If totems like Wind Wrath and Totem of Flame Tongue affect other players who are in combat, the Shaman also enters combat.


  • Prayer of Mending also triggers from damage reflected on the priest.
  • DoTs cast on Priests with the Reflective Shield talent do not trigger Spell Pushback.

Raids - Karazhan

  • Smoking Explosion from Horror of the Night deals the intended amount of damage and is properly mitigated by armor.
  • Skeleton Gatekeepers are immune to Undead Shackle.
  • The side entrance will remain closed until you successfully complete Attumen, Moroes, and the Opera event. No key is required and the door will open as soon as you approach the entrance after defeating the three bosses.

Dungeons - Blood Cauldron

  • You will not receive a speed buff after defeating the final boss and entering the tunnel.


  • The Cenarian War Hippogryph does not have a walking animation on the ground. This was only added with one of the later expansions.
  • Devil's Lotus is an item with Common Rarity value. It was not upgraded to Rare until later.
  • Iron Grenade has a malfunction against players level 50 and above.
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