•   Friday, April 19, 2024
WoW Classic

WoW: Eternal Classic servers are supposedly coming with TBC, transfer chargeable

When the first WoW expansion, The Burning Crusade, arrives on the WoW Classic servers, a lot will change for Classic fans. At least that's what an anonymous leaker, who according to his own information works for Blizzard, claims. What is true about the leaker's claims, only Blizzard itself knows at the moment. The reddit user DarkPhenomenon has summarized the statements of the leaker - and because the Classic community discusses them eagerly, we did not want to withhold them from you.

According to the leak, The Burning Crusade is set to release with T4 and T5 content on May 04, 2021 on all Classic servers. Hyjal and the Black Temple are set to follow in November 2021, Zul'Aman will open its doors in February 2022, and Sunwell Plateau will launch in August/September 2022.

The servers will reportedly be structured as follows:

  • All Classic servers will transition to TBC on May 04, 2021.A pre-patch will be released on all servers on April 20, 2021 with Shamans and Paladins for each other's factions as well as the new races of Blood Elves and Draenei.There will be new Classic servers but no new TBC servers.Eternal Classic servers will come at the launch of TBC, players will be able to transfer their characters there from TBC servers for a fee.There will be WoW tokens and level 60 boosts over the course of TBC.

Finally, the leaker gave out the following information about WoW Classic (buy now €24.95 ) and TBC:

  • TBC will be released at the level of patch 2.4.3.Whether there will be bossnerfs is still open.AoE nerfs for mages are set.Whether there will be balacing adjustments to folk abilities is unknown.There will be no adjustments to server loadouts.There will be no limits on gold or items.A dual talent specialization is considered unlikely.If demand is high enough, there could also be a WotLK release later.


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