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WoW Classic: "You think you do, but you don't" - was J. Allen Brack right?

Yesterday evening, while browsing the web, I stumbled across an exciting video by Youtuber WillE, in which he addressed the question of whether J. Allen Brack, now president of Blizzard Entertainment, was right at BlizzCon 2013 when he shot down the question of Classic servers for World of Warcraft (now buy 14,99 € ) with his infamous "You think you do, but you don't" (you can find the video at the end of the article).

As a little refresher, Brack was asked at the time if Blizzard had ever thought about setting up servers for Classic WoW or older expansions. His answer at the time was the following:

"No. And by the way, you don't want it either. You think you want it, but you don't. Remember back in the Burning Crusade days when you had to spam the chat in the cities with 'Need a tank, need a tank, need a tank'? You don't remember that because today you just hit a 'go into the dungeon' button. You don't want to. Remember that one bug that was bugging you so much that we fixed about two years ago? It's still there in the old version."

But looking back, how can we evaluate this answer now that numerous players have been hanging out on the Classic servers for months and half of the six content phases have already gone online? After all, there are tens of players who were looking forward to Classic in the run-up, but who are no longer playing in the meantime. For example, if you listened to our last buffedCast, you'll know that while my rogue continues to visit Classic Azeroth every day, his colleagues across the board have returned to Battle for Azeroth


Still, I don't think J. Allen Brack could have been more wrong back then. The rush on the servers at launch and the still very busy realms today impressively show how much fun many WoW fans have been having with Classic for months. Many players I have talked to feel the same way as I do: The weaknesses of Classic are outweighed by the strengths that are also present (and not taken into account by Brack). It

is also noteworthy that many construction sites and criticisms of Classic are not based on the vanilla template, but have arisen from decisions that Blizzard itself

is responsible for.

Keywords: "Server provisioning at launch and in the first weeks", the "Patch 1.12 version of Alterac Valley" or emergency solutions like "layering". Especially the provision of too few Classic servers for the name reservation phase and the launch still has a very negative effect on the gaming experience of entire server communities. I wouldn't be surprised if many players cancelled their subscriptions for this reason alone.

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The bottom line for me personally is that the opposite of Brack's statement was the case: "I thought, i didn't, but i did. I didn't think beforehand that I would enjoy Classic so much (again). What about you guys? Are you still having fun in Classic? If you quit, what was the reason? Was Brack right from your point of view? Tell me in the comments!

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