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WoW: Night Fae Saint Priest is currently the closest to the Bard

When discussing new classes in WoW, the Tinker takes up most of the discussion. Close behind, however, is the Bard. In other games, the Bard is the pure support class, providing resources, increasing damage, or decreasing damage taken through his songs to fellow players in addition to healing. For a while, the Shaman once came close to this role in WoW, but now it is the Night Fae Holy Priest that is the closest thing to a Bard class in WoW.

Along with abilities like Leap of Faith, which saves players from falling, the tempo buff via Angel Feathers, Protective Spirit, which allows the player to survive a killing blow, and God's Hymn, which is used in the raid as a support healer effect rather than a standalone heal cooldown, the Holy Priest already has good support abilities. Other Support Abilities: A Stun, Fear, and optionally a Knockback.

The most important support ability at the moment, however, is Soul of Power, which increases a teammate's damage significantly for a short period of time. Specs like Fire Mages, who benefit from the tempo buff in the burst with Incinerate, especially love this buff. Soul of Power alone is often the reason why groups go for the Priest in the Mythic Plus tournament. However, with the Pact ability Faewächter der Nachtfae, two additional support abilities are added, effectively making the Holy Priest the Bard of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ).

With Faewächter, the priest summons companions for 20 seconds. After that, Power Word: Shield reduces the target's damage taken by 20 percent through the Guardian Fairy. So the Pact ability gives the Priest a sort of extra Iron Borrow, which he can also switch back and forth between targets.

Much more interesting, however, is the Kindly Fairy, which uses lightning healing to make the cooldown of a target's large cooldown for the duration decay 100 percent faster. Again, classes like the Fire Mage benefit from having their Incinerate ready again much faster, making big pulls in dungeons extremely easier.

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And yet another support ability: the reworking of the mana hymn.
As if that wasn't enough, the Holy gets another support ability donated via its mana hymn. In addition to mana regeneration for healers, Symbol of Hope now also reduces the cooldown of a major defensive ability with Patch 9.1. Symbol of Hope then reads as follows:

Boosts the morale of your raid members within 40 yards, reducing the remaining cooldown of one of their key defensive abilities by 60 seconds and restoring twelve percent of their missing mana over the course of five seconds (reduced by tempo) (five minute cooldown).

Especially in mythic raids, it depends on when which spec has a defensive ability ready to ease a phase or intercept a nasty boss attack. Such as with Ice Block or Aspect of the Turtle. After the buff for Symbol of Hope, this will make your raid - with consultation - even easier for your raid, and make the Night Fae Holy Priest in WoW the closest thing to what the Bard is in other games.

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