•   Friday, April 19, 2024
World of Warcraft

Fan Challenges: The true test of a brewmaster in WoW!

We - as WoW players, that is - are once again stuck in the middle of this strange time. By that we mean the in-between time between two WoW expansions, which always feels strangely empty of content, even though the folks at Blizzard want to stuff it with WoW Patch 9.2.5 and Season 4


For the most part, this time means, even for diehard fans of World of Warcraft (buy now )

: either you run the existing content over and over again. You devote yourself to Achievements that you've always put off completing. You cancel your subscription and play something else first. Or you look for your own challenges.

The last group of WoW players definitely includes WoW fan Saltyvape, who sets out with his monk on a trek that has only one goal: to collect every alcoholic drink in Azeroth. A true brewmaster!

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In the spirit of WoW monks

So yes: Saltyvape sets out on a trek with his monk to explore Azeroth on foot - or at least not with flying mounts - collecting a bottle of every alcoholic beverage in Azeroth in his backpack. Since there are more than 100 different alcoholic beverages in WoW, some only available via quests, as drops, or exclusively at events like the Brewfest, we already wish Saltyvape's brewmaster a great deal of perseverance and patience! And of course much success. Getting to know WoW anew in this way is definitely cool - and above all decelerating.

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Of course, we are now asking ourselves: How do you spend the waiting time for WoW: Dragonflight? With another game from Blizzard or another studio? With your ingame friends in self-made challenges? Or are you catching up on long overdue tasks to clean up your quest log or achievement tracker?

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