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WoW: Faster to the glory levels - thanks to new campaign in patch 9.2

If you're about to embark on the adventures of Patch 9.2, you probably first fought your way through the three chapters of the new campaign. In the process, we got to know the new area Zereth Mortis and were told what's actually going on there. What most players probably didn't notice was that our heroes were getting a lot of glory levels. It is understandable that this is not noticed, because most of the heroes have probably already reached the maximum level of 80. This upper limit was not adjusted in update 9.2.

If you're already at fame level 80, there are logically no new fame levels for you. For some twinks, however, this is very interesting - and creates a small dilemma.

Skip campaign? Fame levels away

Once we've completed the first three chapters, we're allowed to skip the campaign with all the twinks without further ado, Pocopoc and the Ciphers of the First are unlocked immediately and we can let off steam on Zereth Mortis. In that case, however, there are no glory levels.

Why is all this relevant to know?

After all, there are glory levels from various other sources as well. However, there are a few differences. For one thing, unlike a lot of other content like dungeons or raid bosses, you're guaranteed to get your fame level. Second, you'll get a relatively large number of levels in a relatively short amount of time. Because unlike the previous campaigns, you don't get one fame level per chapter, but one level for almost every quest. If you still have very few levels, you'll even get two levels per quest from time to time.

The following campaign quests will grant you at least one glory level:

  • Into the unknown
    • A hasty journey
    • The way to sanctuary
    • Making connections
    • The defense of the refuge
  • We fight on
    • The battle for the forge
    • We ride together
    • Your guilt, your duty
    • Nothing is true
    • Communication problems
    • Duel of the doubles
  • Developing understanding
    • A mysterious atmosphere
    • Safety precautions
    • Unseen agents
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At least 13 glory levels are waiting for you or your Twinks. You should think twice if you really want to skip the campaign. The decision is yours, of course. As with so much of the content in Patch 9.2, Blizzard is giving you complete freedom of choice. Do you play the campaign with your Twinks or do you take the opportunity to start directly in Zereth Mortis?

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