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WoW: Half a year without new content? Patch 9.2 will still take a long time

In WoW, there is once again a lull in content at the moment. The last relevant content came into the game with the last patch 9.1 in the form of the Sanctum of Domination, the dungeon Tazavesh and the area Korthia including campaign quests. At this point, that was almost four months ago. Through the Sanctum, many guilds are already through or have canceled due to lack of players and motivation. Tazavesh was only interesting for a single visit for most players anyway, and Korthia has long since lost its appeal after so many months of grind. So it's time for new content. What a luck that patch 9.1.5 is just around the corner. Because with that comes lots of new content ... Don't!

Intermediate patch without content

As you know, the patch, which will be released on the live servers of WoW on November 3, contains a lot of adjustments that should make the game easier or at least more enjoyable. From the elimination of the hit cap to various twink facilitations to the simplification of the pact change. That's all well and good. But the only new content 9.1.5 brings is in the form of the new Legion Time Migration and the associated Mage Tower. That's a whopping two weeks of fun and gameplay!!!! (irony off).

So to finally get some real new content, we'll have to wait until Patch 9.2, which isn't even on the horizon yet.

When is patch 9.2 coming?

While frequent winkers are happy, everyone else is wondering: When will patch 9.2. finally arrive and bring new content? We took a look at the past to see how long the intervals were between an X.X.5 patch and the following content patch. And the knowledge gained from this doesn't exactly make you cheer with joy. That's how long the gaps were between patches:

  • 7.1.5 to 7.2: 2 months 18 days
  • 7.2.5 to 7.3: 2 months 16 days
  • 8.1.5 to 8.2: 3 months 13 days
  • 8.2.5 to 8.3: 3 months 21 days
  • 9.0.5 to 9.1: 3 months 20 days

If we generously assume that the gap is not longer than usual this time, which would not really surprise most people, then we can expect patch 9.2 next year. That would be about half a year without new content. This has happened in the past, but it's still not good. Moreover, it was usually the last patch of an expansion. More than half a year without new content in the middle of an expansion? That only happened in the extremely popular (yes, it's ironic again) Battle for Azeroth. And there, at least, there were smaller content updates like new quests or encounters in the battle guild.

Blizzard misses Easy Frags

It's all the more surprising that Blizzard didn't use patch 9.1.5 to release some Easy Frags. After all, when it comes to customizations, they leave out almost nothing that can easily and quickly satisfy any players. In terms of content, that would be possible too. Not just in the form of a new and quick to design raid that could be knocked out in between. Also, splitting Tazavesh and releasing it as two Mythic-Plus dungeons would certainly have made some players feel better about the long wait until Patch 9.2.

Or at least keep the Legion Time Migration Mage Tower permanently active. Then interested players wouldn't be forced to power through everything in the two weeks at the beginning of December, but could take their time and chill out and complete the seven scenarios or even complete the tower with all 36 specs of the game.

How are you spending the coming months until patch 9.2? Are you still having fun with the current content, twinkling a lot, or are you taking a break and looking into other games like New World?

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