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WoW Classic

WoW Classic: How to get the epic Winter Sprite Frost Saber on the Alliance side


You are playing on the Alliance side in WoW Classic and are looking for a representative epic mount? Then there is really only one mount that comes into question: the Winterspring Frostsaber. However, in order to saddle up the mount, your hero will have to put in a considerable amount of grind work. In this guide, we'll tell you what you need to do if you want to get your hands on the Winter Spring Frostsaber.

If your hero in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic is on the side of the Alliance, you can earn a very special mount for him. What's so special about the Winter Sprite Frostsaber? The mount has the rarity level Epic and is one of the few mounts in WoW Classic that has 100% riding speed - even before reaching the maximum level. If you have learned to ride at level 40 and get the mount before reaching level 60, you will be able to ride at full speed. Sounds great! It does, but before you can roam the worlds of Azeroth with the fancy tiger mount, you'll have to prepare yourself for one of the longest, most annoying, and also most boring grinds WoW Classic has to offer.

In order to ride the mount, your hero must reach the reputation level of Ehfürchtig with the Wintersäbler trainers. To do this, you will only have three different repeatable quests at your disposal, which will only grant you 50 and 75 reputation respectively. All locations for the quests can be found in the image and the corresponding legend below.

Neutral reputation up to 1500 reputation
If you have less than 1500 reputation points, you can increase your reputation by completing just one repeatable quest.

Quest: Frostblood food
Where. Rivern Frostwind
Reward: 50 reputation points
All Splinter Fang and Icewind mobs in Winterspring drop the desired meat items for the quest. The drop rates are typical for Classic. So don't make life difficult for yourself and play the quest solo. On the map you can see the place where you can find the quest giver (number 1) as well as a good farm location for the meat marked with a circle and the number 2.

Reputation level Neutral 1500 to 3000
Rejoice, as exceeding 1500 reputation points will allow you to accept another repeatable quest.

Quest: Invaders of the Winter Furs
Where. At Rivern Frostwind
Reward: 50 reputation points
To complete this quest, you must kill five Shamans of the Winter Furs and five Ursa of the Winter Furs. A good place to complete the quest quickly is the small village to the east of Everlook. You can complete this quest quickly and effectively in a group. Another benefit of the quest is that you can kill two birds with one stone, as the mobs in Winterfell Village that you must kill for the quest will drop Winterfell Spirit Pearls, which you can use to increase your reputation with the Woodmaw Stronghold faction.

However, wait until you are respectful before redeeming the pearls. You can easily do this by combining the Winterkin Invaders quest, which you have to do over and over again for the reputation grind, with the Winterkin Activity quest. You can get it from NPC Salfa in the west of Winterspring. Once you're Respectful, you'll have a lot of beads to give away - making the path to Honorable at the Wooden Maw Stronghold much easier.

Reputation level Respectable to Revered
Once you reach the Respectable reputation level, you can accept another quest. However, the runs are very long and the enemies you need to kill to complete the quest are of Elite status.

Quest: Raging Giants
Where. At Rivern Frostwind
Reward: 75 reputation points
To complete this quest, you must kill four Frosthail Giants and four Frosthail Keepers. These can be found in the far south of Winterspring in the Whispering Gorge area. While these quests will grant you 75 reputation rewards, they are very long to complete, and killing the elite enemies will take longer. For this reason, we recommend that you simply complete the Winterfell Invaders quest with a party until you are Awesome. The elite quest is only worth doing if the village is very crowded for the Winterfell mobs.


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