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WoW Classic

World of Warcraft Classic: How the Honor System Works for PvP Players in Phase 2

With the launch of Phase 2 of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard Entertainment is finally activating the Honor System for PvP players. But what exactly can you expect? How does the system work, and what rewards are available? In our special we want to give you the most important information.

With Phase 2 of World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard Entertainment is finally introducing the PvP ranking system so beloved by many fans, along with the honor system. Although there is still no concrete start date for the second phase, it shouldn't take too much longer. Therefore we want to prepare you a little bit for it. We reveal what exactly awaits you and what you have to pay attention to.

WoW Classic: A question of honor
Let's get one thing straight right away: You will still have to do without battlegrounds such as Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley in phase 2 - according to current plans, they will be part of the third phase. However, both the Honorable Kills and the points associated with them will start with Phase 2. But what exactly is an Honorable Kill? You will receive an Honorable Kill when you or a member of your party defeats a player from the opposing faction. However, the kill must not be lower than your own character level by ten points - otherwise the kill will not count towards the corresponding score. It would also not be a truly "honorable" kill.

For each "Honorable Kill" - from now on called "HK" for simplicity's sake - you will receive points. However, there is not always the same number of points. It depends on how experienced your opponent is in PvP. For example, a seasoned PvP veteran will grant you more points upon death than a fresh level 60 character who may be taking their first steps in PvP. Among other things, this restriction is intended to ensure that "noob killing" - that is, the constant killing of comparatively weak opponents - is not really worthwhile - at least not in the long run.

WoW Classic: With rank and name
But why are these points so important in the first place? We'll get to that now: Every week, there is a kind of reset in which your current PvP rank is calculated. We'll get to the importance of this in a moment. The calculation itself is a bit complex: it takes into account your average rank from the previous week and your current rank compared to the other players on your server. Based on the results, you will receive a rank that is valid for one week. In total, there are 14 such ranks in World of Warcraft Classic (buy now 14,99 € ), which not only give you a corresponding title, but also access to certain bonuses and items. Here is the overview:

Rank 1 (Private/Scout)
At least 25 HKs
Private's doublet / Scout's doublet

Rank 2 (Corporal/Grunt)
Rating of at least 2000
Insignia of the Alliance / Insignia of the Horde

Rank 3 (Sergeant/Sergeant)
Rating of at least 5000
Cloak of the Landsknecht / Cloak of the Weaponbearer, 10% discount from the faction NPC

Rank 4 (Master Sergeant/Senior Sergeant)
Rating of at least 10,000
Badge of the Sergeant / Badge of the Battlecaller

Rank 5 (Sergeant Major/First Sergeant)
Rating of at least 15,000
Rare Wrist Items

Rank 6 (Knight/Stone Guard)
Rating of at least 20,000
Access to Officer's Barracks, Knight's Colors / Stone Guard Herald, Combat Mana Potion / Combat Healing Potion

Rank 7 (Knight Lieutnant/Blood Guard)
Rating of at least 25,000
rare set boots, rare set gloves

Rank 8 (Knight Captain/Legionnaire)
Rating of at least 30,000
rare set breastplate, rare set leg armor

Rank 9 (Knight Champion/Centurion)
Rating of at least 35,000
Alliance Battle Standard / Horde Battle Standard

Rank 10 (Lieutenant Commander/Champion)
Rating of at least 40,000
Rare set helmet, rare set shoulder armor

Rank 11 (Commander/Lieutenant General)
Rating of at least 45,000
PvP mounts, access to the World Defense Channel

Rank 12 (Marshal/General)
Rating of at least 50,000
epic set gloves, epic set leg armor, epic set boots

Rank 13 (Field Marshal/Warlord)
Rating of at least 55,000
epic set helmet, epic set breastplate, epic set shoulder armor

Rank 14 (Grand Marshal/High Warlord)
Rating of at least 60.000
epic weapons

No rest allowed
However, there is one peculiarity to World of Warcraft Classic's honor system that you must be aware of. As great as it may be to achieve a certain rank and the rewards that come with it, you can't rest on it. Since your current rank is calculated based on the previous week's performance, you'll need to be constantly engaged in PvP to at least maintain your rank. Only those who invest more and more time in PvP from week to week can work their way up.


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