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WoW: Training sword as an upgrade? - Corruption effect makes it possible

The corruption system in WoW (buy now €14.99), which was introduced with patch 8.3, has been the subject of some ridicule in recent weeks. Especially the fact that the effects are too powerful and not balanced was brought up again and again. The item level of an item hardly plays a role as long as the right effect is represented on it. A user on reddit has now impressively shown how far this can get. With his undead Furor Warrior, it would be an upgrade for him to swap his weapon with no effect, for a level 10 sword that has the matching Corruption effect Infinite Stars on it.

State of Corruption and item level from r/wow

Of course, in practice, it is not possible to get such an item, since only the items from patch 8.3 should have Corruption effect. Moreover, the shot was made before the last nerfs of the perks. So currently the ratio is not that extreme anymore. But still, level 400 items with the appropriate effects are still stronger than most parts from mythic Ny'alotha if they don't have a perk. With this, Blizzard has meanwhile moved far away again from what Game Director Ion Hazzikostas still said in WoW Legion. An item of 15 levels more should always be an improvement, only then can an item system be called successful. He made a similar statement in the video linked below, where he regretted that random factors had too much influence in the past.
This sounds quite curious, considering that even the legendary items in Legion had less influence on the DpS than is now the case with the corruption effects. There are many players who do not find the actual system so bad and are very positive about it. But such a balancing lets every system fail, of course.

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How do you feel about the system itself? Which parts of it would you like to see again in Shadowlands and which factors can you steal in the future?

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