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WoW: Speed leveling from level 20 to 120 in under 13 hours (video)

WoW streamer DesMephisto is a crazy guy, because in his WoW career he has already leveled over 40 warriors to level 120. The warrior and especially the level phase have done it to him. Meanwhile he tries to be as efficient as possible and with the help of the "Wind of Wisdom" 100% bonus experience buff he brought another warrior from level 20 to 120 in just 12 hours and 29 minutes. You can see what this looks like and what you need to keep in mind in the full-length stream excerpt below.

OMFG - 100% EXP - SPEEDRUN!!?!?! by DesMephisto on www.twitch.tvAfter

the 10th warrior

at the latest,

you'll have figured out when to use which abilities and how, and what the best talents are during the leveling phase. But for a record time it needs some more precautions. In the starter pack of the new character, you will find the XP potions Distillate of Ten Lands, grinding stones for weapons at all levels, war drums to have battle frenzy here and there, goblin lites and various items for the mount to be able to interact with items faster, in addition to the heirlooms including all enchantments.

DesMephistos level time per level range

Level rangeDurationTotal duration
20-6003:08:58 hours03:08:58 hours
60-8002:47:26 hours05:56:24 hours
80-9001:35:56 hours07:32:20 hours
90-10001:32:18 hours09:04:38 hours
100-11000:57:43 hours10:02:21 hours
110-12002:27:02 hours12:29:23 hours

Of course, the next fastest riding skill is learned from each possible level (level 40, 60, 70 and 80). In the case of DesMephisto, his warrior also has the ideal Legendarys from Legion ready to be purchased in exchange for Awakening Essences.

For example, the

shoulder pieces Timeless Maneuver, with which he can move even faster thanks to a further charge of Heroic Leap.

Whether it's really a record, one can only guess, especially since DesMephisto himself says that the route could have been a bit more sophisticated and he mastered everything completely solo



any case, it should be even faster with the monk, who gets an additional XP buff that other classes don't have access to.

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