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WoW: Blizzard has no plans to tone down Shard of Domination (Update)

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Update 7/30: Blizzard has since commented on the surprise nerf, which was immediately retracted. They do not plan to implement these nerfs. Some adjustments may be made in the next few days, but the strength of the shards will not be reduced now that so many players have upgraded the shards.

For the ID reset of the US servers, players reported that the set bonuses of the Shards of Domination were massively weakened. Initially, this was true. Blood Link was boosted by 40 percent, Winter Winds by 17 percent, and Chaos Spell by 50 percent. Shortly after, however, these changes were reversed. However, the rumor that the set bonuses would be less powerful now persists. This is not the case, but it is a strange adjustment.

The outlook for future adjustments?
The set bonuses for Shards of Domination are extremely strong. If you get the three special bling along with the matching lordship item to activate the set bonus, you'll get an extra 500 to 700 DpS as a DpS player just like that. Healers also do a lot of damage on the side without having to do much thanks to the blood connection.

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This makes the content a lot easier. As we witnessed in the World First Race, some of the best players were benched because they had no luck obtaining the shards. Even for non-hardcore guilds, the shard set bonuses should play a role in progression in the Sanctum of Domination in the coming weeks. The longer guilds are in the Sanctum, the more it will become apparent how crucial the Shards of Domination are.

Because even though the system hasn't made that much of a difference yet, a raid with full set bonuses and the ever-increasing upgrades of each shard will ensure that the content could become trivial. They may have already accidentally played up the nerf here that we can expect in the future. The stats would fit. Because apart from the frost-set bonus Winter Winds, the Unholy bonus Chaos Spell and the blood bonus Blood Link are currently too strong.

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