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WoW: The (new) crazy conspiracy theories of the Scarlet Crusade

Patch 8.3 opens the final chapter of Battle for Azeroth. The Old God N'Zoth and his grotesque dream realm Ny'alotha are at the center of all events. But even away from the battlefield, where we fight for the soul of Azeroth, mysterious things are happening that may herald the comeback of a conspiratorial community. We are talking about mysterious books that bring the Scarlet Crusade back into the spotlight. These writings are not only full of abstruse conspiracy theories, but also spread all sorts of strange rumors. One of them, for example, is that Anduin Wrynn secretly conspired with Sylvanas to assassinate Calia Menethil and the last heir of Lordaeron.

The said readings can be found in Tirisfal (43,79 54,89) near


Calston estate (source: @buff_moogle)


The books were most likely implemented into the game at some point in BfA, but hardly any players have discovered them yet. No wonder, after all, hardly any hero gets lost in Tirisfal anymore. Besides, the tomes are well hidden in the grass behind the trees at the roadside. So you have to search well there! Keep in mind that you'll need to talk to Zidormi once you've completed the BfA starting scenario. We have taken screenshots of all the pages of the Crusade's writings. Enjoy browsing through them!

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WoW: The (new) muddled conspiracy theories of the Scarlet Crusade (1) [Source: buffed

]So the writings are about Anduin Wrynn being a traitor to his kingdom and all the living. The tone in which the writings were written is more than lurid, one could think that this was written by a real conspiracy theorist. However, the mysterious author shares some interesting information with the reader. For one, he writes about an unholy alliance between Anduin and Sylvanas as if Anduin had a bizarre fondness for undead companions. Also, the books talk about a secret heir of Lordaeron. However, of a son. However, we know that Calia had a secret daughter. Are the Scarlet Fanatics spreading rumors about a male heir in order to one day present a puppet from their own ranks as heir to the throne? Or did Calia have several children? Should she have given birth to a son, then the boy would indeed have more right to the throne than his older sister.

What do you think of the books? Would Genn Greymane really be the better High King of the Alliance? And what do you think about the strange rumor that there is a male heir to the throne of Lordaeron? Justified accusations and doubts or fake news? Write us your theories in the comments!

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