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World of Warcraft

WoW: Blizzard honors deserving employees with in-game items

In one of the past beta builds of WoW Shadowlands, a whole bunch of BoE items were inserted, which caused some displeasure among the top guilds. What didn't immediately strike everyone, however, was the fact that Blizzard wasn't just including world drops with it, but also honoring a whole bunch of deserving and long-time employees at the same time. The developer from California has already done this several times in the past. However, in the past these were usually very well-known personalities. This time, however, employees who are otherwise not necessarily in the spotlight received the honor. In addition, Blizzard did not make public that and whom they honored with it. However, some names are known from the forum and posts.

  • Gaiazelle's Spiked Collar: Honors Dr. Nikki Crenshaw, aka Gaiazelle, UX Researcher (design research) at Blizzard.
  • Kit Jin's Sultry Cinch: Honors Samantha Cruse, aka Ktjnwow, who has written and published various blog posts for Blizzard.
  • Zink's Subtle Shank: Honors Dustin Cass, aka Xinc, who was a senior web front end developer at Blizzard until 2017.
  • Klontzas' Precise Pummeler: Honors Alex Klontzas, aka Azgaz, World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99 ) senior game producer.
  • Hishtar's Severe Stiletto: Honors Hishtaar, Blizzard Merchandizing Operations Manager (head of the merchandise department).

The staff of the site wowhead have contacted the people concerned before and asked for permission to publish the names and the associated items. Because it should not come approximately that Blizzard did not supply this info directly. One or the other of the developer's employees may not have wanted their in-game or Twitter names to be made public.

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