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World of Warcraft

WoW Patch 9.2.5 facilitates the production of Legendary blanks

The Legendarys in WoW: Shadowlands are not only a source of massive player power, but also a grave for vast amounts of gold for most players. Although the resources for the production of the actual items

are easier to get than ever, the sometimes horrendous costs for the blanks remain. Not only do they cost a lot of gold to produce, but the way to be able to produce the high-level blanks at all is extremely expensive. Before that, a lot of the now useless, but still expensive low-level blanks have to be built.

And that's exactly what Blizzard is addressing in the upcoming patch 9.2.5. The leveling up of the blank recipes is to be simplified considerably. In plain language: You will have to produce significantly fewer useless items to reach the highest rank.

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400 percent increase in experience points when crafting

To help you craft the really relevant blanks faster, Blizzard has increased the experience points you get on low-level items by 400 percent. Instead of 5 points, you'll now get 25, so you'll fill up the levels five times faster.

  • Increased the experience points earned when crafting Specialized Armor and Jewelry for creating Runecarving items by 400%.
    • Developers' note: In order to allow more players to engage with the crafting system late in the expansion, as well as finish their legendary leveling for a reasonable cost, we are increasing the XP gained by rank so it only takes three crafts per rank to reach the next rank.
Live ServerFull Screen SliderPTRThis means that therewill be

fewer useless items and the costs for leveling up will be reduced. At the same time, this should further reduce the cost of high-level blanks, as more players will be able to craft them.

In our eyes, this is a good change, but it comes way too late. It's perfectly okay that hardworking crafters can make a killing at the beginning of the expansion. But if you want to adjust this at some point, maybe you shouldn't necessarily wait until the very last patch.

After all, the amount of players who now benefit from this is very manageable. And those who have only recently played everything up with great effort, or who spent a lot of gold on various Legendarys in patch 9.2, will certainly be annoyed about it now. to the start page to the gallery Jump to comments (0) Philipp Sattler

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