•   Tuesday, July 16, 2024
World of Warcraft

WoW: Season 2 Affix brings Torghast into the M+ dungeons - including Animaboni?

The PTR for WoW Patch 9.1 has been up for a while, but there was still a lot of content and customization missing. In the latest build, a whole bunch of these missing things finally came into play - including the long-awaited Season Affix. This one will, as expected, be based on the new Sanctum of Domination raid. However, apparently not on final boss Sylvanas, as was often speculated in advance. Instead, the dungeon master has his fingers in the pie once again.

  • In the Mythic-Plus-Dungeons of the 2nd Season we get to deal with the forces of the Dungeon Master.

The system cannot really be tested on the PTR yet. Only the information about it has been dug up by the dataminers. In addition, a name for the upcoming affix is still missing so far.

  • [PH] SL S2 Affix - Defeat the Jailor's forced to gain cool powers!

What this means in practice is that there will probably be several of the Jailor's fighters scattered throughout the dungeons that we can defeat with our party and receive a buff of some sort as a reward. Currently, there is speculation about whether we might get Animaboni as a reward. After all, we will be able to use these in the upcoming raid outside of Torghast. While this scenario sounds very likely, it has not yet been confirmed by the developers.

It also remains unclear for the time being how the enemies will be distributed in the dungeon and whether we as players will know in advance which enemy and which bonuses will be given. Possibly this will result in completely new routes through the dungeons, in order to avoid ineffective enemies and to collect fat bonuses elsewhere.

If we really get the Anima bonuses that will be used in the upcoming raid, then we have attached the list at the end of the news for you. In it you will find all the anima bonuses found so far in connection with the Sanctum of Domination.

Opinion of the author: In principle, the new affix sounds extremely cool. However, there are some things that Blizzard can't mess up. For example, the selection of the Animaboni. These should not be random at all in my eyes. RNG we have in WoW (now buy 14,99 € ) already enough. If now my time in the mythic dungeon also depends on how lucky we got with our bonuses, then the feature is dead for me. But if instead, let's say, five to ten enemies are spread throughout the dungeon, each offering a fixed selection, then it fits the bill for me. We can figure out exactly what bonuses we want and plan our route accordingly. Oh, and hopefully the bonuses aren't +x percent versatility all the time or boring stuff like that.

Here is the list of Animaboni from the Sanctum of Domination raid:

  • Blade of the Lifetaker: Your attacks have a high chance to steal health from the enemy equal to 10% of your maximum health.
  • Disembodied Mystic: Hands Your attacks have a chance to steal a beneficial Magic or Enrage effect from your target, applying it to yourself.
  • Elethium Diffuser: Inflicts Shadow damage equal to 50% of all the damage you receive, split amongst enemies within 10 yds, but you are no longer able to step backwards.
  • Elethium Weights: Your Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Intellect are increased by 30%, but you are no longer able to jump.
  • Ephemeral Effigy: You take 25% less Physical damage and suffer 15% more Magic damage. Taking Physical damage has a chance to increase your movement speed by 25% for 6 sec.
  • Erratic Howler: While in combat, release an uncontrolled howl at random intervals. This howl inflicts 40 Shadow damage to enemies within 20 yds and interrupts spells.
  • Ever-Beating: Heart You become immune to Fear and Stun effects.
  • Heart-Seeking Fang: While in combat, leech 3 health from a random enemy within 15 yds every 2 sec. This damage and healing is doubled if the target is suffering from a Bleed effect.
  • Huddled Carvings: Your damage and healing done is increased by 30% while within 5 yds of at least 2 other players.
  • Leeching Strikes: Increases the caster's leech by 100% for 20 sec.
  • Lumbering Form: While in combat, your size is increased by 100%, your damage and healing is increased by 30%, and you automatically knock back ALL players that come within 2 yds of yourself.
  • Negation Well: Greatly increase the power of your jumps. Your movement speed is also increased by 20%.
  • Obleron Endurance: Maximum health increased by 45%.
  • ObleronEphemera: Versatility increased by 12%.
  • ObleronSpikes: Critical strike chance increased by 12%.
  • ObleronTalisman: Mastery increased by 12%.
  • ObleronVenom: Critical damage and healing increased by 18%.
  • ObleronWinds: Haste increased by 12%.
  • Oddly Intangible Key: You take 90% less damage from area of effect attacks.
  • Overgrowth Seedling: Increases your armor by 100% and reduces the power cost of most abilities by 30%.
  • Overwhelming Power: Increases the movement speed of the caster by 100% for 15 sec.
  • Potent Acid Gland: Your attacks have a chance to launch a glob of acid, inflicting 30 Nature damage and increasing damage you inflict on that target by 25% for 8 sec.
  • Pulsing Rot-hive: Your attacks have a chance to attach decayfly larvae in the target, inflicting 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. When this effect expires, the larvae hatch from within the target to fight for you.
  • Resonating Effigy: You take 25% less Magic damage and suffer 15% more Physical damage. Taking Magic damage has a chance to increase your movement speed by 25% for 6 sec.
  • Satchel of the Hunt: You grant all allies within 20 yds an additional 30% movement speed.
  • Soulward Clasp: Your abilities have a chance to create a zone of soul empowerment nearby. Any player may collect this to gain 25% damage and healing done and 25% movement speed for 10 sec.
  • Spectral Oats: While running, you take 10% less damage and inflict 10% more damage, as well as heal for 5% of your maximum health every 1 sec.
  • Spiked Skin: Attackers take damage each time they attack you for 20 sec.
  • Stoneflesh Figurine: When below 40% maximum health, you reduce all damage taken by 40% and your own movement speed by 40%.
  • Ten of Towers: Increases damage done by 10% and reduces damage taken by 10%. Upon death, detonate and stun ALL players and enemies within 10 yds for 10 sec.
  • The Stone Ward: Shields you for 20% of your maximum health. This absorb refreshes every 30 sec.
  • Tremorbeast Heart: Primary stat increased by 15%, and regenerate 5 health every 5 sec.
  • Twisted Samophlange: While in combat, you periodically steal power from a nearby ally within 5 yds. Their damage and healing done is reduced by 25% and yours is increased by 50%.
  • V'lara's Cape of Subterfuge: Yourattacks have a chance to cause you to fade away, reducing your threat for 6 sec. While you are under this effect, your critical strike chance is increased by 50%.

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