•   Tuesday, July 16, 2024
World of Warcraft

WoW: Torghast, Runemason, Denathrius - skip quest lines with patch 9.1

WoW Shadowlands is under the banner of being particularly twink-friendly. And in many areas, you can't deny that about the expansion by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, there are still areas where this is not the case, but on the whole, twinks have it much easier in Shadowlands than in past expansions. And Blizzard's developers are continuing down this path in patch 9.1 by making content that becomes boring and monotonous by the second, third, or fourth playthrough optional for Twinks.

  • In patch 9.1, characters will be allowed to skip the quest lines around Torghast, the Runesmith, Denathrius, and the Twisted Corridors.

This includes a whole host of quests in the upcoming update that can be skipped if needed. Among them is the introduction to Torghast and the accompanying unlock of the Winded Corridors. But also the entire quest series that starts after defeating Denathrius and takes you story-wise towards patch 9.1 can be skipped.

Actually, this means that all current content can be skipped so that you can start directly with the content of 9.1 and the path to Korthia. However, it will likely be the case again with these skips that you will need to have completed the content at least once with some character before being allowed to skip it with Twinks.

Only the intro scenario in the maw still has to be done by all your characters. But maybe the developers will improve this as well. Because the first trip into the maw is basically nothing else than the further story quests of Bolvar. In addition, we should skip such intros already in the past with Twinks again and again.

The following quest series can be skipped with patch 9.1:

  • Torghast and Twisted Corridors.
    • Call of the High Lord
    • In Torghast
    • The Quest for Baine
    • Exploring Torghast
    • Remnants of Hope
    • The Price of Information
    • Torture Chamber: Jaina
    • Find a Witness
    • To keep the trail cold
    • Torture chamber: Thrall
    • Tracks of the Lion
    • The Captured King
  • Denathrius
    • Redemption for the Redeemer
    • An echo in the dark
    • The Vision of the Highlord
    • Birth of the Gramblade
    • In the grip of the jailer

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