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World of Warcraft

WoW Expansion "Leak": Journey to Dragonmire: So good it must be real?

We continue to eagerly await Mike Ybarra's predicted announcement for this week, which is supposed to deliver several updates to current and upcoming Blizzard projects. Or was the not-yet-announced survival game

already the big news in question? Actually, we are hoping to get information about the future of WoW this week, which by all appearances could revolve around dragons.

Some indications of the Dragon Isles and more or less credible leaks like Empire of Dragons at least fuel the topic of dragons more and more. Another "leak" is the netfind of WoW-Influencer MrGM, who found an expansion logo including description, as we already know it from Shadowlands. We also look at a leak via WoW's French YouTube channel (buy now )

, which seems to have accidentally already uploaded the cinematic for the next WoW expansion.

World of Warcraft - Dragonmire

WoW Expansion "Leak": Journey to Dragonmire: So good it must be real? (3) Source: Twitter MrGM

In the supposed expansion leak for the next WoW expansion, we see a similar logo as already seen in the Empire of Dragons "leak". The WoW logo is also in dark purple, unlike Empire of Dragons, Azeroth is not broken at the top and the rest looks more like a copy of the Shadowlands or BfA logo. Other than that, though, the leak is very well done.

Below we see the description. Dragonmire means swamp or morass. Will we discover a morass full of dragons or dragon eggs?
WoW Expansion "Leak": Journey to Dragonmire: So good it must be real? (4) Source: Blizzard
Similar to Shadowlands' introduction, the expansion's lead is divided into two sections. "Discover a history shrouded in myth! Explore an ancient land! Face the haunted/tortured!" the text underneath could be translated as. Sounds almost like a promo text for Mists of Pandaria.

By all appearances, the Shadowlands promo was taken as a template. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's a fake, but similar to the logo, it seems that not much work was put into it. What do you think about this leak? Write us in the comments.

The YouTube leak - the cinematic for "Awakenings

WoW Expansion "Leak": Journey to Dragonmire: So good it must be real? (1) Source: Twitter Maxwell Thomas

"Azeroth awakens as a dragon" is something you've often read in leaks over the past few weeks. That "the button was pressed too early" and a video or tweet went online earlier than planned has happened to just about every game company. Allegedly, this was the case on the French WoW YouTube channel. Also read these interesting stories 0

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You can see a dragon in the thumbnail with the title: "World of Warcraft Cinematic: Awakenings"

Allegedly, the trailer was available for a short time until the mistake was noticed and the video was removed from the platform again. This image is currently being passed through various Discord servers and also appears to be a crude attempt at a leak. The image and title can be faked quite easily with Photoshop, but we can't see any gross errors in the image with our untrained eye. Only the video time of 4:20 (meme count) makes us even more suspicious. Especially since supposedly ten people watched this video - why don't they speak up? to the start page to the gallery Jump to comments (4) Sebastian Glanzer

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