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WoW Shadowlands: Nerf for class buffs - but not for everyone

With the return of class buffs, the developers wanted to reinvigorate some classes that they felt didn't bring enough support for their teammates in the group or raid. And it's fair to say that this has helped. Hardly any raid now voluntarily sets out without a mage, priest, warrior, demon hunter, and (with some exceptions) monk. Apparently, the influence of the class buffs was a bit too big for the developers and so Blizzard decided to weaken the class buffs for the upcoming expansion Shadowlands. However, this nerf only affects the class "buffs".


Demon Hunter and Monk, which actually don't give a buff but rather debuff the enemy (Chaos Burn and Mystic Touch), currently remain untouched, while the power of the three remaining class buffs will be halved.

Arcane Intelligence - now grants 5 instead of 10 percent Intelligence
Power Word: Soul Strength - now grants 5 instead of 10 percent Stamina
Battle Cry - now grants 5

instead of

10 percent Attack Power

At the same time, of course, the three scrolls that replace the above class buffs will be weakened. They now all grant only three percent, instead of the previous seven percent stamina, intelligence or attack power.

But what about the rest of the special abilities that make individual classes so strong? We might see some further weakening here. We already reported a few days ago that some of the various drums on the alpha server of WoW Shadowlands have been weakened. Taking both pieces of information together now, it's quite possible that the effect of Heroism/Battle Frenzy/Time Bend could also be further reduced.
Because in Shadowlands, other effects will also lose strength. For example, some defensive cooldowns will reduce Aura Mastery, which with Aura of Devotion only reduces damage by 15% instead of 20%. So it's quite possible that Blizzard wants to reduce the difference between the different classes a bit when it comes to sheer numbers of unique abilities.

But again, as a reminder, this is a very early alpha build and everything can still change in all directions


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