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WoW: Dragonflight: We introduce you to the new zones of the Dragon Islands

WoW Dragonflight: Introducing the Dragon Isles1

. Why do we visit the Dragon Islands at all?The four new zones of the Dragon Islands2.1 The Coast of Awakening2.2 The Plains of Ohn'ahra2.3 The Azure Mountains2.4 Thaldraszus and the new capital Valdrakken3. The Dragon Isles in their full gloryFriends of the

World of Warcraft, get your anti-dandruff shampoo ready. The dragons are loose! Once again, you might say. But with the freshly announced WoW expansion Dragonflight

, we're heading to the old home of the dragons for the first time: the Dragon Isles. In the course of the announcement stream on April 19, 2022, Blizzard has already presented the new areas of the addon. In the following, we have summarized everything important for you (including numerous pictures of the Dragon Islands). 05:29
WoW: Dragonflight - the cinematic for the announcement!

Why are we visiting the Dragon Isles in the first place?

About 10,000 years ago, a cataclysmic event known as the Great Shattering occurred at the end of the War of the Ancestors. When the Well of Eternity was destroyed, nearly 80 percent of Kalimdor's landmass sank into the sea. The Dragon Isles, the dragons' place of origin, also disappeared from the scene.

But that is exactly what changes with Dragonflight. A surge of elemental energy brings the Dragon Isles back to life, and the skies above are once again lit by the colors of the Dragon Aspects who have come to reclaim their rightful home.
WoW: Dragonflight - Blizzard introduces the new Dragon Isles zones (17) Source: Blizzard
However, ancient threats and fierce protodragons stand in their way in this endeavor, as do the elemental half-giants on the island called Djaradin. They are hostile to the dragons and hunt them with the power of magma. Even the Black Dragonflight, once bent on destruction, has made it to the Dragon Isles. Yes, this also means that there will be a reunion with Furorion. He wants to help his brothers and sisters in the Black Dragonflight leave behind their dark past under the leadership of his father Deathwing and his devastating deeds.

WoW: Dragonflight - Blizzard introduces the story of the new expansion

The four new zones of the Dragon Isles

In the Dragon Isles, the Archaeological Academy and the Explorers League are working together to research and uncover the ancient history of the Dragon Isles and its four new zones. In other words, the scientists, settlers, and heroes of both the Horde and Alliance will work together to help the Dragon Aspects solve the threats and mysteries of the Dragon Isles. The islands are divided into the following four areas:

The Coast of Awakening

The first zone we will get to know in Dragonflight is the Coast of Awakening. The Red Dragonflight and the Djaradin fight over this wild, untamed land.
WoW: Dragonflight - Blizzard introduces the new zones of the Dragon Isles (4) Source: Blizzard

The plains of Ohn'ahra

The Plains of Ohn'ahra are a vast flatland occupied by centaurs and fiery protodragons. The centaur clan that lives here is in a long feud with the green dragonflight. The latter has settled in the nearby groves.

WoW Dragonflight: Coast of Awakening and Plains of Ohn'ahra in the video

WoW: Dragonflight - Blizzard introduces the new zones of the Dragon Isles (6) Source: Blizzard

The Azure Mountains

The snow-covered Azure Mountains is a vast, vertiginous zone where the fan-favorite Tuskarr fight alongside Kalecgos and the Blue Dragonflight.
WoW: Dragonflight - Blizzard introduces the new zones of the Dragon Islands (13) Source: Blizzard

Thaldraszus and the new capital Valdrakken

Last but not least, there's Thaldraszus, the seat of power for all five dragonflights, where players will also find the new capital Valdrakken (including its own auction house!). A special "point of interest" here is also the engineering feat of Tyr's Needle, an ancient facility preserved by the Titans while the kingdom slept.

WoW Dragonflight: Azure Mountains and Thaldraszus in preview video

The Dragon Islands in their full glory

We have a whole lot more official images of the Dragon Islands for you

: View all 18 images in the gallery
WoW: Dragonflight - Blizzard introduces the new zones of the Dragon Isles (2) [Source: Blizzard]
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