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WoW Shadowlands: What changes to the portal room in Orgrimmar

The portal room in Orgrimmar and Stormwind has made it easier for players to travel throughout Azeroth and beyond since Battle for Azeroth. We can get from one continent to another much faster, without having to go through minutes of AFK moments by gryphon or wind rider, by ship, by zeppelin, or by deep rail, as we did

in the past.

Blizzard added an additional portal to this important portal room in the beta of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Shadowlands a while ago, namely one that allows us to travel to Oribos, the neutral capital of the Shadowlands. However, access to this portal has been quite cumbersome for Horde players so far, because Blizzard placed the portal on the lower level of the portal room. If you wanted to travel to Oribos, you first had to walk down a flight of stairs - awkward if you want to use several portals in combination.

However, the developers have now apparently realized that the previous solution was rather suboptimal (via Wowhead): The latest beta build of WoW Shadowlands with version number 35854 namely moves the portal to Oribos in Orgrimmar to the main level, resulting in the following adjustments to the portal room in Orgrimmar:

  • The portal to Oribos is located on the main level next to the portal to Aszuna, replacing the portal to Warspear.
  • The portals to Warspear and Shattrath move to the lower level next to the portal to the Caves of Time.
  • The place where the portal to Shattrath used to be remains empty.

By the way, nothing will change in the portal room of Stormwind


what do you think about this adjustment? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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