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WoW Shadowlands: Preview of the Bastion and the Pact of the Kyrians

The fate of the Bastion realm is closely connected with Oribos, the new capital in WoW Shadowlands. This floating fortress is the seat of the mysterious judge who decides the future of the souls of the deceased. Most of these souls are assigned to different pacts. In their dominions, the deceased perform important tasks or await rebirth. So far, four pacts are known by name: Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenwald and Revendreth.

With the alpha of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Shadowlands starting soon, we get the first preview of Bastion. As mentioned above, the Kyrians, the angelic inhabitants of the Bastion, fulfill a special task in the Shadowlands. As righteous guardians, they work together with Oribos and the Soul Judge. First and foremost, they ensure that souls reach the capital and the judge's seat safely. The majestic Kyrians are strict and commanding, but also give each newcomer a chance to prove themselves through numerous trials. Many more details remain a secret for now, but the developers of WoW give us a preview of the Pact of Bastion on the official site and reveal, at least in part, what makes the Kyrian people tick.

The Bastion in WoW Shadowlands

When Sylvanas Windrunner pierces the veil between life and death, you and your allies are drawn into the Maw, where the most wicked are doomed to suffer for all eternity. However, the champions of Azeroth are able to escape and immediately make their way to the noble Kyrians in the Bastion. No soul has been sent to their shining realm in a long time, and the locals are taken aback by the arrival of a living mortal. It soon becomes apparent, however, that trouble is brewing behind the Bastion's gleaming facade:


Kyrians' anima - the soul-derived essence that makes their eternal service possible - is almost completely depleted.

Before you can help them - and make them take your warnings about Sylvanas and the terrible truth about the Maw seriously - you must prove yourselves worthy aspirants to the Kyrians and pass all the tests to ascend and earn your Kyrian wings


Are you unsure whether you have really left the world of the living behind? We know that this new reality can be difficult to internalize. You are not the first, nor will you be the last, to question your own existence.

Your first stop in the bastion is the vestibules of eternity. Much like other Kyrian sanctuaries, the Antechambers of Eternity are guarded by anima-powered centurions and tended to by dutiful provosts who scrub each paving stone by hand until everything gleams immaculately.


is where your training for ascension begins, as you purify your soul through a purifying ritual and shed the stains of mortality


Listen to the soothing sounds of the floating bells as you wash away the dust of life in sacred pools.

As you prepare for ascension, you will venture deeper into the magnificent fields of the Bastion and prove your worth to the Kyrians.
WoW Shadowlands: Bastion Preview and the Kyrian Pact (6) Source: Blizzard

Home of the pure souls

The inhabitants of Bastion embody the virtues of this proud realm. If you wish to unravel the sinister plans of the Banshee Queen, you must prove yourself worthy in the eyes of these honorable guardians.

The Inhabitants of the Bastion

Get to know the different inhabitants of the Bastion.


WoW Shadowlands: Preview of the Bastion and the Pact of the Kyrians (3) Source: Blizzard The noble inhabitants of the Bastion who escort the souls of the dead to Oribos, where the unwavering Judge determines which will be their final destination. Newcomers to the Bastion become Aspirants - wingless beings who train for unimaginable lengths of time in order to one day earn their wings and attain the rank of Ascended.

The Provosts

WoW Shadowlands: Preview of the Bastion and the Pact of the Kyrians (1) Source: Blizzard Born of the magic of death, these otherworldly maintainers and craftsmen ensure that the Bastion remains in pristine condition. Not only do they maintain the realm, but they also construct the centurions - anima-powered guardians who provide training for aspirants and protection for the Bastion. Each provost worships a paragon and keeps mementos of significant accomplishments. Should you impress them, they may even swear allegiance to you!

The Spurned

WoW Shadowlands: Preview of the Bastion and the Pact of the Kyrians (2) Source: Blizzard From time to time it happens that an aspirant fails an initiation rite. These once radiant souls darken and lose themselves, and henceforth roam the plains of the Bastion wailing. The spurned must be kept under control, for left unchecked, doubt can spread like a disease.

The Centurions

WoW Shadowlands: Preview of the Bastion and the Pact of the Kyrians (4) Source: Blizzard A legion of anima-powered constructs that train Kyrian aspirants in meditative combat and defend the

BastionPraetor: These flying constructs are tasked with training those aspirants who demonstrate particular martial potential.


: Unyielding bulwarks and mighty warriors who keep order in the Bastion
Colossus: These undying protectors have stood guard and defended the Bastion for many ages.

The memories

WoW Shadowlands: Preview of the Bastion and the Pact of the Kyrians (5) Source: Blizzard When Kyrians shed the burdens of their past lives, physical manifestations of their tormented thoughts leave their bodies. Only by taking them down can Kyrians complete their spiritual cleansing and experience ascension.

These are just a few of the beings you will meet in the Bastion. Be ever vigilant on your journey - you may even cross paths with Uther the Lightbringer and other long-diverse heroes of Azeroth now roaming this world.

Pact of the Kyrians

Once players have reached the maximum level and explored the first four zones, they can join a pact like the Kyrians. Each pact offers its champions abilities as well as other bonuses and cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked through a pact campaign - an epic storyline of that pact - as well as other activities over time. As a member of a Pact, players also gain access to a Sanctum - a city open only to those players who have made an agreement with their rulers.

Power of the Kyrians
When you join the Pact of the Kyrians, you gain two unique abilities: a class ability that is used in combat and a Pact ability that summons a Provost to assist you on your adventures.

The Kyrians grant this Pact ability to their champions


Summon Provost: Summon your Provost, who will bring you a vial of Equanimity. Drinking this will restore a portion of your health and remove all curse, disease, poison, and bleed effects. Your curator will also offer you a selection of useful amenities once a day.

To give you an idea, we have compiled a list of the pact and class abilities of all pacts. Please note that all of these abilities are still in development and we may make changes to them during the testing phase. All abilities shown are still subject to change.

Soul Bonds

Upon joining a pact, you can undergo an ancient rite to bind your soul to some of the most powerful members of the pact. This allows your character to use their power and gain access to powerful bonuses. Over time, new power levels can be unlocked and even soul bonds can be changed, should the strategy require it.

Rewards of the Pact of the Kyrians

Your deeds for the Covenant of Kyrians will be rewarded with various cosmetic rewards, including: a mount, a pet, Kyrian equipment, as well as back ornaments that can rival the beauty of Kyrian wings.
WoW: Pictured here: Leather (left), plate (center) and cloth (right) finishes. Source: Blizzard

Radiant new equipment

Put on special equipment forged in the heart of the Bastion.

There are many more secrets in the Bastion that have yet to be revealed. Not all is as it seems - a sinister force threatens to disturb the peace in this realm. Perhaps some of Azeroth's greatest heroes will be able to aid the Kyrians in their noble destiny and repel their adversaries!

Note: Rewards and abilities are still in development and subject to change . Updates will be posted regularly on the official WoW websiteuntil Shadowlands

is released


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