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WoW: Mythic nerfs for Attentive Guardian - hotfixes March 10, 2022

The developers of WoW: Shadowlands have released the hotfixes for March 10, 2022, and in doing so, in addition to some bug fixes for classes, they subjected the first boss in Mausoleum of the First to some significant mitigations after it was nearly impossible to defeat in Mythic mode.

In the World First Race, more than ten guilds were able to send the guardian to the boards after these nerfs. There are also some class changes in the hotfixes, which should especially please the Reinforcement Shamans among you.

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WoW Hotfixes of March 10, 2022 - Attentive guardian mythic now manageable thanks to nerfs

Dungeons and Raids

Mausoleum of the First

Watchful Guardian

  • Attentive Guardian's health has been reduced by 10% in mythic mode.
  • Peak of Creation does 50% less damage in Mythic mode.
  • Force Field now ends three seconds after protecting players from Fregelgter Core.
  • Pneumatic Impact now resets the Guardian's Melee Swing timer.
  • Point defense drones should no longer cast their attacks after the Guardian channels Freigelgter Kern.
  • The range of Explosion has been reduced to 40 meters (previously 100 meters).


  • Genesis Rings' initial damage occurs only once in LFR mode, and subsequent damage has been reduced by 50%.
  • The berserk timer on this boss encounter has been increased from 7 minutes to 10 minutes.

Prototype Pantheon

  • Protection of the Bastion should now no longer spawn on Necrotic itualists.

Lords of Terror

  • Mal'Ganis and Kin'tessa health has been reduced by 10% in normal mode.
  • Boss encounter berserk timer has been increased from 11 minutes to 13 minutes in normal mode.


  • Fixed a bug where Celestial Collapps would trigger three times during a stage in rare cases.
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  • Adjusted a tooltip that stated Secrets of Unrelenting Power (Legendary ability) triggers its effect 100% of the time, when in reality the chance is 50%.


  • Flame Shocks spread by Lava Whip now prioritize targets with Whipping Flames debuff (Talent).
  • Flame Shocks spread by Lava Whip no longer spread to neutral targets that are not in combat with you.
  • Flame Shocks spread by Lava Whip no longer spread to targets affected by control effects that break on damage taken.
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Shock was removed from the main target when the DoT was spread to the maximum number of targets.
  • Lava Whip no longer refreshes Flame Shock on your primary target.


  • Warlocks can now apply succubus-specific cosmetic glyphs to Summon Sayaad and Summon Succubus. The succubus glyphs will be retained even if they have chosen Summon Incubus or Summon Sayaad.

Creatures and NPCs

  • You will no longer be unmounted if you are near NPCs in Zereth Mortis in Sanctuary.


  • Fixed a bug where Decrypted Cipher Urh did not reduce some cooldowns.

Items and Rewards

Fixed a bug where the using effect of the following trinkets would not reset after a boss fight

  • The first seal
  • Chains of Domination
  • Impact of the Earthbreaker
  • Chest with received treasures
  • Grim Darkness
  • Intrusive thought cage

The Darkmoon Dance Party item is now a toy and appears in your toy collection.

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