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WoW: Disintegrated Crest of Lordaeron - item is temporarily removed

Some things just don't work the way they are supposed to. This is also the case with WoW Patch 9.2. There are dungeons so hard that they have to be generated, or the little Pocopoc simply refuses to fight side by side with us. You simply have to get used to such bugs in an MMO, because they can never be completely prevented. Usually, players live with them for some time until the developers get the problem solved via hotfix. But this is different now.

Because once again a problem seems to have appeared. It concerns the shield Decayed Crest of Lordaeron

. This shield will be available tomorrow (March 09, 2022) in the Mausoleum of the First in the Lords of Terror. However, this problem seems to cause such serious errors that the developers have taken drastic measures and removed the shield from the loot table without further ado.

New look for the Decayed Lordaeron Coat of Arms

The developers have not revealed what the problem is. Although it would be quite interesting. The item doesn't actually have any special effects that could interact with other things - which is usually the reason for problems with items of any kind.

However, the developers are sure that they will be able to solve the problem soon and want to make the shield available again as loot just one week later. The shield should also be available in the Great Treasury as early as next week, as long as you were able to defeat the Lords of Terror.

In turn, the developers are using the time to adjust the look of the shield. The appearance was more in line with the technology of the first and had little to do with Lordaeron. This is now being changed. The new shields are strongly reminiscent of the old times of the kingdom.
WoW: Disintegrated Crest of Lordaeron - item is temporarily removed (1) Source: Blizzard

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Here is the full statement from Blizzard regarding the temporary removal of the Lordaeron crest:

Hey folks - while preparing to release the last three bosses of Sepulcher of the First Ones tomorrow, we discovered an issue with the Ruined Crest of Lordaeron, a shield that drops from the Lords of Dread encounter. This issue isn't something we'll be able to resolve in the next day before launch, and we don't believe it's worth holding back the release tomorrow, so this means that we'll be disabling the item from the Lords of Dread loot table until the next weekly reset on 3/15.

We understand that many players have been making decisions about what raid compositions and classes to run in anticipation of the Sepulcher's more mysterious and challenging encounters becoming available, and not having access to this higher-item level piece during that first week puts a damper on that excitement for those affected.

While we don't believe it'll take us the entire week to solve the issue, we're leaving it disabled so as not to disadvantage the more cutting-edge raiders who will be clearing the Lords of Dread earlier in the week vs. those who would come around to it later. It's also worth noting that despite this unfortunate situation, the Ruined Crest of Lordaeron will still be available in 3/15's Great Vault

for eligible raiders who manage to take down the Lords of Dread this week.

Luckily, the news isn't all bad. We've heard the feedback that the First-Ones visuals didn't match up with the name and theme of the item, which many felt were ill-fitting of such an iconic Warcraft character in Mal'Ganis. When the shield is re-enabled with the 3/15 reset, it'll be sporting an entirely new, exclusive appearance that some very old-school members of the Alliance may remember well...
We appreciate everyone's patience as we deal with getting this issue resolved as quickly as cleanly as possible. Thanks for understanding, and we wish you the best of luck taking the fight to the Jailer tomorrow and in the weeks to come.

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