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WoW Classic: Phase 6 has started - all info on patch 1.13.6 (Naxxramas!)

WoW Classic: Phase 6 has started - all info on patch 1.13.

61. When will the Scourge event, Naxxramas and Co. start?2. contents of Classic Phase 6 and Patch Notes3. WoW Classic: The Scourge invasion4. WoW Classic: The final raid Naxxramas4.1 Boss guides for Naxxramas4.2 Preparation for Naxxramas5. New Legendary: How to get Atiesh6. WoW Classic: The new spell ranks7. WoW Classic: The new pants of the Warsong Gulch faction8. WoW Classic: The new PvP content in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands9. What happens after Classic Phase 6?

The final chapter of the WoW Classic era is upon us! Content phase 6 has started on the live servers and serves us the final challenges of the vanilla relaunch. Included: Naxxramas, the first Scourge invasion in WoW history, and new PvP content for the open world.

In this overview article, we have summarized all the important details about the new features. You will learn what to expect during the Scourge Invasion, how to build the legendary item Atiesh, what rewards the new open-world PvP content offers, and how to defeat Kel'Thuzad and his minions.

When will the Scourge event, Naxxramas and Co. start?

According to the developers, the Scourge Invasion is scheduled to start on December 03 at 23:00, and the gates of Naxxramas will also open in parallel (source):

"Patch 1.13.6 for WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic will be released on December 2. Directly after that, on December 3 at 23:00 CET, we will open Naxxramas and launch the Scourge Invasion."

Thanks to a second post from December 01, we now also know that only bug fixes were actually activated on patch day (December 02). All new content, including the books for the new spell ranks or the epic pants of the Warsong Gorge faction, should only be available at the same time as Naxxramas opens. The only exception is that the Naxxramas access quest has already been available for almost two weeks


Classic Phase 6 content and patch notes

In Blizzard's official phase schedule, the Classic Phase 6 content reads

as follows:

Phase 6

  • Scourge Invasion (World Event)
  • Naxxramas (40-player raid)
  • World PvP Content in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands

However, these are only the highlight features. Here are more new features of Patch 1.13.6:

  • If you have reached the Honorable reputation level with your Warsong Gulch faction, you can now purchase Epic Leg Armor.
  • Several tomes for new spell ranks ("Frost Spell Warding," "Shadow Spell Warding," "Flame Shock," "Conjure Food," "Eviscerate," "Savage Bite") are now available.
  • PvP objectives are now available in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands.

Here's to the official German patch notes of patch 1.13.6

, where you will also find a whole series of bug fixes that come into play with the patch.

WoW Classic: The Scourge Invasion

When necropolises appear in the sky and undead creatures make Azeroth unsafe, then you are in the middle of the first Scourge invasion in WoW history. During the event, you can earn the best weapon oils and whetstones for Naxxramas, an 18-seat bag, and some epic items, among other things. We have already summarized all details about the Scourge Invasion in the following guide:

  • WoW Classic: What to expect during the Scourge Invasion in December

Starting on December 03, we will experience the first Scourge invasion in WoW history for a second time. Source: Blizzard

WoW Classic: The final raid Naxxramas

All the raids you've seen inside Classic so far have been comparatively easy. However, if the experiences from the PTR are anything to go by, the final Classic raid Naxxramas will be of a completely different caliber. But first you have to get permission to enter the necropolis at all. The good news: If you want to enter Naxxramas, you don't have to master an eternally long series of quests. The bad news: If you don't have an awesome reputation with Argent Dawn

, you'll have to pay admission - the worse your reputation, the higher the price.

You can already find the ticket office in the Eastern Plaguelands, more precisely in the Chapel of Hopeful Light (at coordinates 81,57). There, Archmage Angela Dosantos has made herself comfortable and offers (among other things) the quest The Citadel of Terror - Naxxramas. Depending on the character's reputation at Argent Dawn, she lists the entry requirements. Those who enjoy an "awesome" reputation nod off the quest text briefly and are allowed to enter the instance - for free. The others pay

With a "respectful reputation":

  • 2 Arcane Crystals
  • 1 nexus crystal
  • 30 gold

with a "benevolent reputation":

  • 5 arcane crystals
  • 2 nexus crystals
  • 1 Righteous Orb
  • 60 gold

Those with a reputation of "Friendly" or worse will unfortunately have to stay outside. The entrance to the instance Naxxramas can also be found in the Eastern Plaguelands, in the Plaguelands Forest, not far from Stratholme (coordinates 39,25). Simply step on the green circle and wait for the teleport into the instance.

Boss Guides for Naxxramas

  • Raid challenge for 40 players
  • Recommended level: 60
  • ID duration: 7 days
  • Associated faction: Argent Dawn
  • Number of bosses: 15

Go to the guides for all bosses of Naxxramas


Also interesting: How hard will the final raid Naxxramas be in phase 6?

Be sure to pack some Frost Resistance gear for Sapphiron! Source: Blizzard

Preparation for Naxxramas

In Naxxramas, perhaps the toughest boss fight from the Classic era awaits us, where resistances play an important role: the battle against Sapphiron. There, so much frost damage hits the entire raid that every player should have items with frost resistance in their luggage. But certain resistance values are very useful for many other bosses as well, and sometimes you'll even have to deal with different elements. In addition, thanks to Naxxramas, you'll get access to special equipment with frost resistance, as well as the Tier 3 class sets. However, in order to build or obtain the items, you'll have to get numerous materials beforehand, some of which are very expensive. How you can best prepare for Naxxramas and which materials you need in detail, we have already summarized in the following special:

  • WoW Classic: How to best prepare for Naxxramas and Phase 6

New Legendary: How to get Atiesh

In the course of the last raid challenge of the vanilla re-release, mages, warlocks, priests and druids can earn a legendary item that hardly anyone possessed back then: Atiesh, the Guardian's High Staff. In the following article, we'll tell you what you need to do to get your hands on the Legendary.

  • WoW Classic: Atiesh - how to get the legendary High Staff of the Guardian

WoW Classic: The new spell ranks

You've probably already read it above: With phase 6, several tomes are available for new spell ranks. But where do you get the improvements for your abilities? We will tell you!

  • Mage Foliant of Frost Spell Protection V, drops in dungeons (level 52+) and raids.
  • Mage Food Herb Enchantment tome VII, drops from Archivist Galford in Stratholme.
  • Warlock : Spell Foliant of Shadow Spell Protection IV, drops in dungeons (level 52+) and raids
  • Shaman : Tablet of Flame Shock VI, drops from Fireguard Glutseer in UBRS
  • Rogue : Manual of Evisceration IX, drops from Blackhand Contract Killers in UBRS.
  • Druid Book of the Savage Bite V, drops from the Beast in UBRS

With phase 6 of WoW Classic, various classes want to get back into the Upper Blackrock. Source: buffed

WoW Classic: The new pants of the


Gulch faction

If you have earned or will earn an awesome reputation in Warsong Gulch, the new epic pants could be an interesting option for you, which will expand the range of the associated reputation faction with the start of Phase 6

  • Silk gaiters of the vanguard
  • Lizard leather pants of the vanguard
  • Vanguard leather pants
  • Vanguard chain gaiters
  • Vanguard gaiters
  • Plate leg guards of the vanguard

WoW Classic: The new PvP content in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands

With the start of Phase 6, there are new reasons for Horde and Alliance to take on the opposing faction in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands. Suddenly it's worth capturing the towers near Stratholme, and in the dusty Beetle Homeland you'll be hunting Silithyst. What exactly you have to do and what rewards are waiting for you, we had already summarized in a separate article:

  • WoW Classic: How PvP works in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands

What happens after Classic Phase 6?

Phase 6 heralds the end of the WoW Classic era. Almost 14 years ago, the first expansion The Burning Crusade followed on vanilla WoW. And today? Well, there are various

indications that Blizzard could announce a Classic variant for TBC in the near future . Maybe there will be something official at the BlizzConline in February

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