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World of Warcraft

WoW: WTF? Hardly any quests and no own starting area for new death knights

WoW Patch 8.3 is all about the Black Empire and the Old God N'Zoth. In addition to many new quests, a legendary cloak, and an exciting storyline, Blizzard is advertising new death knights that pre-orderers of WoW: Shadowlands will be able to play before the launch of the next expansion.

New death knights? Keep them coming! Die-hard Death Knight fans were happy to see a breath of fresh air in Acherus. Blizzard promised only a brief introduction, but players were still looking forward to a quest series that would show Death Knight life from a different perspective. Bolvar as the Lich King, Four Horsemen and the threat from the Shadowlands - these are ingredients that Blizzard could have used to spin a truly epic story including a new starting area. However, there is no trace of a captivating chain of missions and a separate starting area in Patch 8.3. The design options for creating a Death Knight are also limited. New Dark Knights lack unique skin tones as well as the typical distorted Death Knight voice. Some WoW fans are pissed and are venting in the comments under various videos and streams.

Out of the dream! New death knights only have to complete two quests at the beginning. Source: Blizzard Understandable. The way into the big wide adventure world of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) is not very spectacular for new death knights. As if out of nowhere, the freshly minted hero appears as a new undead before Bolvar's Frost Throne, who then gives you your first quest. This quest consists of you swearing eternal allegiance to the Lich King. After that, Bolvar dismisses you with big words: You should earn the title of champion with him honestly. You will then speak with Darion Mograine, who will deliver a sermon similar to Bolvar's and, moments later, unceremoniously place you outside the gates of Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Finally, you help yourself to the quest board in the respective capitals - done! That was your first great adventure as a Pandaren Death Knight or Dark Knight from any allied nation.

No comparison to the dramatic quest series of the classic death knights from Wrath of the Lich King


The scenario remains one of WoW's most popular starting areas to this day. As Arthas' disciple, the resurrected hero fights against all sorts of threats and finally frees himself from the yoke of the tyrannical Lich King, only to incur the hatred of mortals a short time later on his way to becoming king (Alliance) or warchief (Horde).

The introductory quests that explain rune forging to the fresh Death Knight hero or send him to the Shadow Realm, where he steals an undead steed, are completely absent from new Dark Knights. This is a pity, after all, these numerous details explain in a loving way what makes the Death Knights in World of Warcraft.

However, not everyone finds the extremely shortened path of the new Death Knights bad. Some WoW fans welcome this "shortcut" because they can conveniently skip all the story quest stuff from the classic starting area and don't have to waste time with the introduction. In addition, the new Dark Knights start at level 58 instead of 55, which also significantly shortens the otherwise arduous journey of the Heroes of the Allied Races to the Tradition Armor. If you want to experience the original Death Knight starting area, you can still do so with the classic races like Humans or Blood Elves.

What do you think? Are the few quests for new death knights enough for you, or would you rather have experienced a similarly elaborate introduction scenario as the classic races? Let us know in the comments.

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