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WoW: Indescribable truth - Further class nerfs unlikely

In WoW, some bugs in corruption effects only become apparent when a wide mass of players get the effects. Until now, many heroes were allowed to select 4x Indescribable Truth, for example, but the Corruption Merchant makes it possible. Especially Holy Paladins and Holy Priests benefit from this Corruption, which can reduce the cooldown of abilities. However, the cooldown-reducing effect will now be removed. One of the main reasons for the nerf might be the following PvP video, in which a Paladin uses his stun Hammer of Justice quasi 4x in a row thanks to Indescribable




Blue Post has already announced an adjustment for Indescribable Truth in conjunction with abilities like Hammer of Justice and other abilities with "flat cooldown reduction". The last part of the sentence caused some discussion. Are we changing fixed cooldown reductions just because we can't change Indescribable Truth in WoW's spaghetti code?

wowhead and class experts sounded the alarm because not only Holy Priest and Holy Paladin would be affected by this change, but many other specs such as Unholy Death Knight, Devastation Demon Hunter, Beastlord Hunter, and especially Fire Mage, who uses multiple effects with "flat cooldown reduction" due to his combo of Memory of the Clear Dream and Mechagon Bracers. A fundamental change to the cooldown reduction would have virtually destroyed the spec. But Game Director Ion Hazzikostas answered us personally on Twitter and gave the all-clear.

The specific interaction we're focused on involves Ineffable Truth, which has some unique quirks, but we're going to take time to thoroughly investigate any potential collateral "damage" first. We have no desire to break the way Fire (or other specs) have played for months.

- Ion Hazzikostas (@WatcherDev) May 28, 2020

They are currently testing what other gimmicks are possible besides Hammer of Justice in conjunction with the stacking of Indescribable Truth before adjusting other things. The developers have no intention of breaking the fire gameplay or other specs with this change.

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