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WoW Classic: War supplies on German servers - Update (August 06)

Update from August 06:
The WoW player Dugong gave his overview another update last night (August 06, 04:17 h). We have adjusted our table accordingly.

Update from August 04:
The WoW player Dugong has given his overview an update last night (August 04, 02:05 h). We have adjusted our table accordingly.

Original news from August 01:
We had already reported that WoW Classic servers like Sulfuras or Skeram had collected all war supplies needed for the opening of Ahn'Qiraj very early.

Well, WoW player Dugong took the trouble (many thanks for that) to create an overview of the current state of the collected war supplies on all German servers in the official WoW forum - the last update was on July 31st at 21:05 h



ServerGathered supplies HordeAlliance suppliesTotal supplies given away
Lucifron (PvP)1,197,140 (85 percent)1,231,380 (50 percent)2,428,520 (63 percent)
Dragon's Call (PvP)1,030,780 (73 percent)1,164,500 (48 percent)2,195,280 (57 percent)
Heartstriker (PvP)589,550 (42 percent)1,696,760 (69 percent)2,286,310 (59 percent)
Patchwork (PvP)1,223,690 (87 percent)1,389,630 (57 percent)2,613,320 (68 percent)
Venoxis (PvP)1,408,000 (100 percent)2,442,000 (100 percent)3,850,000 (100 percent)
Transcendence (PvP)1,408,000 (100 percent)2,442,000 (100 percent)3,850,000 (100 percent)
Everlook (PvE)1,031,120 (73 percent)1,927,430 (79 percent)2,958,550 (77 percent)
Razorfen (PvE)1,012,070 (72 percent)1,459,990 (60 percent)2,472,060 (64 percent)
Lakeshire (PvE)940,020 (67 percent)1,449,650 (59 percent)2,389,670 (62 percent)
Celebras (PvE)190,900 (14 percent)825,900 (34 percent)1,016,800 (26 percent)

At first glance, how many supplies have already been given away by which faction on which server has something to do with the population of the respective realms. Here you can see an overview of the active endgame populations on the WoW Classic servers as of July 18. Venoxis is the largest German Classic server and at the same time has a comparatively balanced faction. That helps, of course, when you want to quickly complete a task like opening Ahn'Qiraj.


is all the more impressive that a much smaller server like Transcendence has currently been able to make the most progress.The

supplies alone are of course not enough to open Ahn'Qiraj. At the same time, you also have to master an elaborate series of quests that can be completed in the next raid ID at the earliest. On top of that, after getting all the supplies, it takes five days for them to reach Silithus. What do you think: When will the access to the Beetle Paradise and the two raid challenges open on your server?

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