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WoW Shadowlands: Demon Hunter - All Legendary Affixes

In World of Warcraft Shadowlands, each class has eight general legendary powers, four general class-specific legendary powers, and four talent-specific legendary powers to choose from when crafting Legendaries. So in total, each specialization has access to sixteen legendary powers. Many of these legendary powers are inspired by previous set bonuses, artifact powers, and Legion legendary effects.The

legendary items are crafted by the runesmith in the Torghast dungeon; the materials can be farmed or obtained from various crafting professions. For example, blacksmiths make the base items for legendary plate armor, leatherworkers make leather armor, and inscribers make various runes that you can use to set secondary stats like speed or critical hit chance. The last ingredient is a certain amount of soul ash, which you can get from chests in the Torghast dungeon.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Rulesfor legendary items in Shadowlands
  2. 2Creation oflegendary items in Shadowlands
  3. 3Generallegendary affixes for all classes
  4. 4Generallegendary affixes for demon hunters
    1. 4.1Generalaffixes
    2. 4.2Affixesfor Devastation Demon Hunters
    3. 4.3Affixesfor Vengeance Demon Hunter
  5. 5Morearticles about the Demon Hunter in Shadowlands

Rules for Legendary Items in Shadowlands

The following rules currently apply to Shadowlands Legendaries

  • Only one legendary item can be equipped at a time. The number will be increased as the expansion progresses.
  • All legendary affixes can appear on two specific item slots.
  • Two secondary stats can be set.
  • Legendary items can be transmogrified.

Making Legendary Items in Shadowlands

WoW Shadowlands: Crafting legendary demon hunter boots at the runesmith in Torghast Source: Buffed To craft a Legendary, go to the Runemason in Torghast and click on it. An interface will appear where the following ingredients are set:

  • The basic Legendary item from the Blacksmith, Leatherworker, Jewelcutter, etc.; the base item level is 175.
  • The legendary power; selectable from a drop-down menu.
  • Two secondary stats; selectable from a dropdown menu if there are corresponding runes from the Inscriptionist in your inventory.

must also have a certain amount of Soul Ash in your possession to activate the "Create" button.

General Legendary Affixes for All Classes

In addition to legendary powers specific to your class, each class has access to the following general legendary powers. Mouse over the links to see the corresponding tooltips with all the details. The tooltips will also tell you which item slots you can cast the legendary power on.

  • Third Eye of the Dungeon Master
  • Echo of Eonar
  • Norgannon's Wisdom
  • Maw Rattle
  • Sephuz's Proclamation
  • Stable phantasm bait
  • Judge's verdict
  • Vitality Sacrifice

Legendary Affixes for Demon Hunter

As a Demon Hunter, you have access to legendary powers designed specifically for your class. Here we give you a brief overview of which legendary Demon Hunter powers are known so far. Hover your mouse over the links to see the tooltips with all the details. There you will also find out on which item slots you can cast the respective legendary power.

General Affixes

  • Darkvision Blessing
  • Darkest Hour
  • Collective Torment
  • Devil's Bombardment

Affixes for Devastation Demon Hunter

  • Burning Wound
  • Chaos Theory
  • Darker Nature
  • Unstable Devil Core

Affixes for Vengeance Demon Hunter

  • Fiery Soul
  • Spirit of the Dark Flame
  • Razelikh's Desecration
  • Devil Flame Enhancement

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