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WoW: 50 hours of time lost protodragon in fast motion - almost with loot drama

If you haven't hunted the Time Lost Protodragon in the Storm Peaks in your WoW heroic life, raise your hand. It can be assumed that there are very few hands raised in the air right now. For many WoW players, the protodragon model alone is worth the effort to get hold of the mount one way or another.

The (theoretically) easiest way to get a protodragon, however, is (practically) often the most tedious: the rarespawn Time Lost Protodragon in the Storm Peaks rarely appears, flies a long route, and even today, nearly 13 years after the release of the WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King, is still a permanently camped spawn. Everyone ... well, almost everyone wants to have this mount. But WoW fan Knuffya had to learn that killing the protodragon doesn't mean insta-win in terms of loot.

Wait 40 to 50 hours for a kill

Knuffya has waited 40 to 50 hours to finally get the kill of the rare. Because: The mob drops the mount with a 100 percent chance. Only as already mentioned: The Time Lost Protodragon is still highly contested. After eternal hours, which Knuffya fortunately captured in time lapse, the kill of the coveted dragon finally happens.

Knuffya falls to his death, but what does that matter, the prey is his after all! The only problem is ... the dragon's corpse is so awkwardly located in the mountains that Knuffya can't loot the beast. Argh!
(Fast forward to minute 7:30 for the kill - and the drama)

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Knuffya then spent around 25 minutes puzzling out a solution for how to get his prey after all. He killed an eagle in a spot he could just reach for looting. The area looting then did the rest. Congratulations Knuffya, we are envious!

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