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WoW: I will probably never get this feature back ...

WoW: Legion was the expansion where my interest slowly declined after many years of WoW. Which is not to say that I think Legion is grit, I think the expansion is pretty great. Apart from the fact that the artifact weapons with the pre-patch to Battle for Azeroth any basis for existence was taken, but ... well, that's just how it is with borrowed player power. It's a good thing that this will no longer exist in WoW: Dragonflight for the time being. Hooray, dear Blizzards, this is a decision that will please many fans.

But back to Legion! On the Devastated Isles there is a mega feature that most players don't even notice as such, but which I personally found damn terrific and ingenious: Suramar. The City of the Nightborn is what I always wanted when WoW developers talked about "city" in the past. Suramar is not empty-nesters like Gilneas. And Suramar is not as sprawling as Ramkahen. Suramar is perfect in my eyes! And that's why, with every expansion announcement, I hold out hope that the adventure city concept will come back to WoW ... but even with WoW: Dragonflight I seem to be looking down the tube. Suramar is huge, super beautiful, twisty and arouses the ambition of an adventurer. I would like to have this again, please, thank you! Source: Blizzard

Suramar is immersive gameplay in a confined space

Of course, Suramar is not perfect, lol, so really. You don't have to go ballistic ^^ Who hasn't gotten lost in the narrow, winding streets? Who hasn't spent ages looking for a way to that one tower that had treasure in it? Who hasn't been annoyed now and then by the rapturous "STOP, WHO IS THERE?" cries of an entire armada of Nightborn? Who didn't get killed all the time because some of the phasing was absolute crap? And who didn't find the timegating stupid?

There's a lot of negative things that can be said about Suramar, but I personally prefer this city to the widespread world quests in every expansion zone about ... all the time. I understand that the WoW makers want to keep an expansion's zones alive by using world quests to encourage players to constantly return to the regions they've already played through. Of course, this is also nice for stragglers if a maxlevel hero can briefly help them out. But this intention will be invalid at the latest when a new high-level zone is added in a later content patch, such as Korthia and Zereth Mortis in Shadowlands.

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If only every city could be like Suramar ...

Suramar is alive and packed with secrets. In there, you can quest, seek treasure, craft, do world quests, or just stroll. And imagine what it would be like if a city like Ironforge, Stormwind, Orgrimmar, or Undercity offered that level of immersion. I love the cities on the old continents, don't get me wrong. But in the meantime, they've degenerated into a way station. If we look at it rationally, at least half of Stormwind is dead land. At least in Orgrimmar it's not quite as bad, but that's probably because Orgrimmar isn't quite as big.
Stormwind, also stands for skimpy panties and an auction house. Sometimes someone rides the deep rail. Whew. Source: buffed
How about at least a little quest love for Orgrimmar and Stormwind with every WoW expansion? Valdrakken, the capital of the Dragon Isles, for instance, will offer job stations. Why not Orgrimmar and Stormwind as well? Aside from the fact that it's up for debate whether the WoW: Dragonflight profession changes will affect all crafting

or just Dragonflight crafting ... how about something happening in our capitals with each expansion? A little quest here or there doesn't hurt, no cosmic threats need to be invented for that.

A few errands here, a crafting station there. Maybe a little flirtation between the tavern owner and the cheese seller's daughter, and you help out because the families don't like each other's guts? How about a little detective story that could be continued from time to time - aka Hildibrand from Final Fantasy XIV.
Orgrimmar can't even begin to compete with Stormwind in terms of area (I think), and that alone is a scandal! Source: buffed
Say: The thing I actually want is not that Valdrakken would be a Suramar 2.0 (although I would find that pretty awesome and I'll say why), but life for our capitals. Not tradespam life. But a real life for the inhabitants of the city and we get to assist them, help them, call them to order. I would love that!

Alternatively, Valdrakken, after our questing all over the Dragon Isles, must first be freed from the Protodragons, who have forgotten that the dragon swarms once existed 10,000 years ago. And we're reclaiming Valdrakken piece by piece, week by week. Some parts of the city and Titan temples may remain hostile, those would be places for world quests. Yes, you see right, there is a point for WoW (buy now )

where I would like to see timegating, but based on my own quest progress and not calendar week.

Imagine that: It's a real struggle to take back this city. The bond is completely different. Then the heroes are also wholeheartedly involved! And of course there are the important features like portals to the old world, tavern, mailbox, treasury, auction house (yes, there is one in Valdrakken), bank for hero and guild, flight master already on level 1. Logical. We don't want to take anything away from the people (even if I find it pretty cool for the immersion). But everything else has to be activated first. Would be a super cool solution, so that such a big city, like Oribos did, doesn't absolutely overwhelm you. Thing is:

we still have no idea what Valdrakken really looks like. Bummer. Who knows, maybe it'll turn out that way? to the home page to the gallery Jump to comments (10)

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