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WoW Shadowlands:Shamans get new talent update

While the pre-patch for WoW Shadowlands has already arrived on the test server of World of Warcraft, the developers continue to work diligently on the abilities and talents of individual classes. The current build takes a closer look at the Shaman, specifically the Reinforcement and Elemental specializations.

Blizzard announced the following adjustments in an official blue post (via Wowhead), which the developers justified with the fact that the previous state felt too disjointed, among other things


Elemental Shaman

  • Seismic Thunder flies out of the game completely.
  • Chain Lightning (and overcharges) that hit two or more targets now generates a stack of Discharge.
  • Lava Eruption (and overcharges) now generates a stack of Discharge.
  • Earth Shock consumes all stacks of Discharge and deals 10% more damage per stack of Discharge.
  • Earthquake's cast time is reduced by 20 percent per stack of Discharge, up to a cap of 100 percent (instant cast), and Earthquake's damage is increased by 20 percent per stack of Discharge, up to 160 percent. Earthquake also consumes all stacks of Discharge when cast.
  • Elemental Strike replaces Death Mastery in the tier of level 25 talents.
  • Aftershock now only works through casts of Earth Shock and no longer interacts with Earthquake.
  • Echoing Shock now only doubles targeted damage or healing spells.
  • Static Discharge is an active ability with a 30 second cooldown that replaces Elemental Strike as a level 15 talent. It requires Lightning Shield to be active. Static Discharge strikes enemies with bolts of natural damage for three seconds and prioritizes targets affected by your Flame Shock.

Amplifier Shaman

  • New Level 25 Talent: Ice Blast - 15 second cooldown, hits your target with frost damage and slows them by 50 percent for six seconds. Ice Blast also resets the cooldown of Flame Shock and Frost Shock.
  • New Level 35 Talent: Elemental Attack (passive) - Storm Strike deals 15 percent more damage and generates a stack of Weapon of the Malstrom.

Why there had to be a lot of criticism of the Shadowlands "Ele" before the developers relented is unclear. Unfortunately, there is no blog with info on what the philosophy and objectives were for the changes introduced with the alpha. In any case, the development of the game's "meta" leaves little room for experimentation. It's not without reason that classes like the "Retri" Paladin are so popular with their combo point system, as it allows the player to react immediately to the permanently changing situations and use up the combo points accumulated by the resource-generating skills either for single targets or area damage. So now the elemental shaman also gets his combo points in the form of 'Discharge'.


it's a tweak of the Maelstrom system known from Battle for Azeroth, which is a bit clearer.

What do you think of these adjustments? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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