•   Tuesday, July 16, 2024
World of Warcraft

WoW: BoEs in the Sanctum of Domination? Yes, but less than in Castle Nathria!

Thanks to the items bound during creation, the so-called BoEs, the top guilds were already able to equip themselves with extremely good equipment in the first week of the current raid, albeit at immense prices. These items were so strong that entire raid groups came together to do nothing more than just farm the trash in the mythic raid to provide the top guilds with the necessary BoEs.

On the one hand, such BoEs are a nice source of income for many players, but on the other hand, they ensure that gold can be used to gain a massive advantage, which is why there is always the latent accusation of Pay2Win. In an interview with the streamer Slootbag, WoW developer Morgan Day has now spoken out on the topic of BoEs.

  • There will also be BoEs in the Sanctum of Domination - but significantly less than in Castle Nathria.

Morgan Day admitted that the balancing of the amount of BoEs in Castle Nathria was a bit wrong and that he wants to make it better with the upcoming raid. The actual system of the BoEs is still right on the part of Blizzard, which is why they will not disappear completely. But they want to limit the amount. Instead of getting items for four different slots, they will probably leave it at two or three slots in the Sanctuary of Domination. The exact number is not sure yet, but it will definitely be less than in Nathria Castle.

Slootbag: Nathria had four BoEs, so Mythic week one you could get 4x 226 items right away, what's the plan for BoEs in Sanctum?
Morgan Day: We've been doing BoE raid drops for a very long time and we plan to continue doing that in Sanctum of Domination, we just feel like we missed the mark on tuning on a couple avenues for Castle Nathria. For one, I think we're looking to reduce the number of slots that are covered by BoE's in the raid, so just removing how much of your paper doll can be filled up.

It should be two or three in Sanctum of Domination, for sure less than we saw in Castle Nathria.

How do you feel about BoEs in raids - fine thing or would you rather see them disappear completely?

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