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WoW Classic: Vis'kag, Deathbringer, Shackles - what won't drop for you?

It won't be long before there's finally more for all WoW Classic raid groups (buy now € 14.99)! On February 12, the gates of the Pitchwing Hoard will open with a whopping nine bosses and some really good loot, some of which will be among the best you can earn until the final Classic phase. Still, most raid groups will continue to make Molten Core and Onyxia's Hoard unsafe on a very regular basis.

One reason for this should be raids from the Vanilla era and now from WoW Classic know equally well: Some items from "MC" or from "Ony" just won't drop - no matter how many times you kill the bosses. For example, I've had 27 raid nights in Classic with my guild "Elements". From the second raid week on, we always completely cleared Molten Core, but on some raid evenings we just had Onyxia on the agenda - due to the 5-day reset. For a few weeks now, we've been farming Ony in parallel with two raid groups.

The conclusion so far when it comes to only the most important weapons:

  • 6 x aura stone hammer
  • 4 x Mage Blade of the Azure Song
  • 3 x Merciless Blade
  • 2 x Core Dogtooth
  • 1 x Deathbringer
  • 1 x Sharp Edged Obsidian Blade
  • 3 x Blade of Doom
  • 1 x Staff of Dominance
  • 2 x Mal of Clubs
  • 2 x Vis'kag the Bloodshedder
  • 0 x Rag Slicer
  • 0 x Spine Reaper
  • 0 x Bonecutter's Edge

We had little luck so far with the Eye of Sulfuras, which is needed for the Sulfuron Hammer, or the two Shackles of the Windseeker. In addition, there are individual T-parts that hardly or not at all want to drop. We had about one T1 chest each for rogues and shamans. Our dagger wielders are also short on pants: So far, we've had two T1 pants and one T2 pants for a total of eight rogues. As you can see, we'll certainly be farming the first two Classic Raids for quite a while.The

bottom line is that I have no complaints about the loot system. I had already emphasized in other articles how great I think it is to finally be able to work towards a BiS list again, to finally know exactly what can drop on which boss and what not. And as already mentioned: The fact that certain loot pieces just don't want to drop was already like that in Vanilla WoW back then.

How does it currently look like for you in Classic? Do you already have the Windseeker's Shackles and a Sulfuron Hammer bearer in your guild? Which items just won't drop? Tell me in the comments!

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